Meal Plan Monday: Sometimes There Are Weeks…

Meal Plan Monday

Sometimes there are week’s when you just lose momentum.  This week is the last full week of classes with my students.  I have a full week at school, and I know I will not have the fortitude or patience to come home and cook a huge meal.  This is one of those weeks when it comes down to what can I do (cooking-wise) with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back in five minutes?  When it seriously has to be easier than opening a can.

And that’s fine.  I know that summer is coming (starting next Friday!) and that I will be able to devote more time to creative, new dishes (that hopefully will not heat up the kitchen) in less than two weeks.  I just have to limp to that point.  Raggedly.  With much drudging.

I apologize in advance for the somewhat processed nature of these meals and hope that my family’s stomachs don’t rebel as they have recently from processed stuff.

So, here goes!

Monday: spaghetti with sauce, veg

Tuesday:  hot dogs

Wednesday:  Breakfast

Thursday: Crock-Pot Honey Garlic Chicken (Still haven’t gotten to remake this yet), rice, veg

Friday: salmon patties or pizza stuff

Saturday: grill

Sunday:  roast in Crock Pot, veg, mashed taters

And if Josh’s schedule changes and he is on call this week, on days when he is off but on call, he will make grilled stuff and quesadillas.

I am going to be linking up at OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.


3 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: Sometimes There Are Weeks…

    • Grilling is especially great now that it’s starting to get warmer, I agree. I’m looking forward to the roast (especially the leftovers) and will probably grind the rest for ground meat (either pork or beef). Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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