Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there (including my mom, my mother-in-law, my sister, Oma, Grandma, Grandma Helen, and all of the mommies-to-be!

We had a fairly low-key Mother’s Day plan.  Sleeping late (HA!), brief shopping excursion to WalMart (and Target for meds), then brunch at the Horseshoe with Mom and Daddy, then relaxing (hopefully)!

Here is plate number 2 from the Horseshoe Brunch Buffet (at the Spread):

Can you tell that I like blue cheese?  And capers?  And smoked salmon?  And sushi?  And fried cabbage?  Yes, I ate that for breakfast/brunch.

Before that, while shopping, I continued my obsession.  I tend to be a bit obsessed with the special interest magazines from Better Homes and Gardens and the Special Collectors Edition of Taste of Home magazines.  For Mother’s Day, Josh bought me the following:

For my financial health, it’s best if I’m not near the magazine section (or the checkout stands) of Walmart or Target during the fall and winter months.  I tend to binge on these mags at Halloween and Christmas.  I was simply going to make note of the recipes in the Taste of Home No-Bake one that I was interested in and find them on Taste of Home’s website online.  But they have Top Tips that are not part of the recipes but that are really neat.  And I saw the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Weeknight Mexican one.  And it was all over.

Then, we went to Target and I found the other two.  I literally cannot resist them.  At all.

No matter what I do, they tend to be on my birthday and Christmas lists each year.

It’s gone beyond an obsession.  It’s an addiction.

And a dangerous one.

I’m going to go start a support group for it now.

We will be meeting next to the tall stack of Taste of Home Special Collectors Issues and Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Magazines.  Not that we will be poring over them or anything.  It’s aversion therapy.  Yah.  That’s it.

Oooooooooooo Pretty.



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