Date Night Log: Another Confession

Date Night Log

Date Night went on a brief hiatus for two weeks (April 19 and April 26) because of traveling and Muffin’s birthday.  It makes me wonder how date night will work out when we travel up north this summer.  I think we will end up prorating date nights a bit.  It’s easier in the summer because Josh never has to get up as early as I do, and I won’t be teaching this summer.

We did have a date on April 12, however.  We watched the second Percy Jackson movie with popcorn…which was a case of datus interruptus because Muffin kept coming in (usually at the scarier parts).  He was still awake in his room (after much bribery…err…convincing) at the end of the movie.  The movie was good, but again I want to reiterate how important it is to choose a movie you’ve seen before for date night.  Instead of snuggling on the couch, we spent much of the movie (when we weren’t cajoling Muffin to go back to his room) trying to remember the first movie and wondering (aloud) what was going to happen next.

Last night, we definitely played it safe on the movie front.  We sat down with some of the candy purchased on sale at Albertson’s (peanut M&M’s and SweetTarts) and one we’ve seen a lot…Pink Panther 2 (with Steve Martin…Ahmburrrguer).  For once, I didn’t fall asleep…but Josh did.  This may have something to do with the fact that I did take a nap yesterday, and Josh didn’t.

I think we should start taking pictures of date night, so that we have a visual memory of date night (and I have a graphic other than the Date Night Log one above).  My only worry is that it will be a series of casual selfies of us on the couch.

No…we aren’t in a rut…really.  I’m planning something special for the May 24th date.  (As in…I will be out of school by that time and have a day to devote to planning).

How have your date nights been going?

What do you think?

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