Cent Saving Saturdays: “Money Off When You Buy” X Sales

Cent Saving Saturday

Recently, Kroger and Albertson’s have started to have these sales.  They offer so many dollars off when you buy so many products (usually in multiples of four, six, or ten items).  I personally like these sales.  For many reasons.

1)  They result in loss leaders.  I’m going to use Kroger as an example here.  Ten packs of Capri Sun are 98 cents each when you buy four of the items (mix or match) this week.  I have never seen (in my adult years, especially) Capri Suns for lower than 98 cents a case.

2)  If you are able to buy unlimited multiples, that means there is no limit on an individual item.  Stock up city, baby!  Especially since these sales result in so many loss leaders of items that I might actually use, I buy as much as I can afford that I will use up before the expiration date.  This week I’m going to work on stockpiling the 64 ounce Old Orchard juices (including cherry, berry blend, and apple) also for 98 cents each when you buy 4.

3)  In the case of Kroger, the sales tend to last two weeks.  This way, if you don’t stockpile enough the first week (we purchased four of the Old Orchard juices last week and have one left), you can plan to stockpile accordingly the second week.  (I did not buy the mayonnaise that is on sale last week and am going to purchase a couple this week.)

4)  In many cases, these are items that I would want to stockpile.  Or a large enough variety of items that I like to buy regularly that make the sale worth my while.

Here’s how the sales are shaping up this week.


Tomatoes on the Vine 88 cents/pound

Hass Avocados 88 cents each

Stouffer’s/Lean Cuisine Entrees 5/$10

Old Orchard Juices 98 cents wyb 4

Texas Corn (ears) 3/99 cents

Kraft Mayonnaise $2.49 wyb 4

Big K 2 L 4/$3

Mission flour tortillas 10/$10

Pepsi/7-Up 2 L 10/$10

Kroger buns 10/$10

Kroger bandages 10/$10

Kroger sunscreen $3.99

Downy $3.49 wyb 4 (up to 40 load size)


Jose Cuervo Gold $14.99 (I plan to use it in this recipe next week)

candy bars 49 cents wyb 6 (Hersheys, Wonka, Mars, Nestle)

Calidad Tortilla Chips 99 cents wyb 6

Pictsweet frozen vegetables 88 cents wyb 6

Lean Cuisine $1.49 wyb 6

Turkey Hill ice cream $2.99 wyb 6


jalapenos 79 cents/pound

Brookshire’s white bread 99 cents

Brookshire’s orange juice half gallon 2/$4

To get through the week, I’m also going to have to purchase 1 orange, 3 limes, and eggs (as well as some more pita breads if I don’t use tortillas).  But you will find out about all that on Monday!

What are you planning on buying this week?


What do you think?

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