Funny Muffin Friday: The Blue-Tongued Boy!

Funny Muffin Friday

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  When Muffin-sized boys and girls have lips (and tongues) in shocking shades and hues.  It’s snow cone season!

For Muffin’s extended birthday week (birthday plus one day), we all purchased snow cones from a close by snow cone stand (If we really wanted to trek, we could walk).  Muffin wanted the bubble gum flavor.  The ever-so-helpful snow cone maker and server said that they had two colors:  blue and pink.

Guess which color Muffin chose?

My silly, wonderful boy!

After he finished with his snow cone, he decided to taste mine (Pink Lemonade+Wedding Cake).  He decided he was going to get that one next time.

Enjoy the new, warmer weather (and all of its icy treats)!


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