Tip Tuesday: A Vehicle Kit

Tip Tuesday

Now that we have a larger vehicle (not sure whether to classify it as a car, station wagon, van, or–gasp the horror–SUV), I have room to put stuff.  And, for the first time since my late, lamented Corolla, lots of cubbies!  Cubbies should be a prerequisite of any automobile.  Toyota messed up by reducing the number of cubbies in later Corolla body styles.

There are copious cubbies in our new Dodge Journey (which was also less expensive than the Prius, with less expensive insurance)…yes…I know we will be paying for it with the increased amount of gasoline.  But I also feel safer in it.

Since I now have room for “stuff” in my car (and since I’ve–cough cough–promised Josh not to clutter the Journey), I’ve decided to make a “car” kit (for me).  My sister once made Josh a Superman Kit as a present that had car essentials (and other fun stuff).

My kit’s going to be a bit different (so, yes, we will have a “his” kit and a “her” kit).  Mine will actually be a massively scaled back version of a van kit that I pinned on Pinterest for a Toyota Sienna.

I do want to have a spare set of clothes for Muffin, a spare pair of shoes for me (after a particularly odd day of wearing shredded old rain boots at work), spare undies for Muffin (as we continue potty training) and for me (just in case), basic hygiene products, sanitizers, paper towels, tissues, paper plates, Febreeze, batteries, first aid kit (I need to update the one from the other car and put it in the new car), note pad, pen, marker, Capri Suns, water bottles, climate happy snacks (ones that can get hot in the car and still be okay), ziploc baggies, trash can with bags to line it, charging cables, rarely used electronics, bug repellent, sunscreen, Clorox/Lysol wipes, everyday clean wipes, brush with hair elastics, baseball-style hats for the three of us, umbrellas, eating utensils (plastic), straws, towel, flashlight, nail clippers, Tide to Go pen, mints, gum, throat drops, meds for Muffin and us, a few Dum Dum suckers, scissors, chap stick/Carmex, and lotion.  Also, I plan to include a few small rotating items to keep Muffin entertained.  And air freshener.  And “drink straws,” my name for the Crystal Light and Kool-Aid-style single-serve drink packets.  We already keep Muffin’s two “fluffy” character blankets in the car (Perry the Platypus and Spiderman).

After reading several sources, I will probably keep the “heat sensitive” items in a separate bag and cart with me in my purse or throw in a removable backpack for longer trips.

I also found a marshmallow construction kit on another blog that I might use for either the car or the trip.  Muffin likes marshmallows and building toys (Legos, etc.).

I know Josh will appreciate the rules of keeping the vehicle clean from this blog.  Unfortunately, I am not banning food in the car, so a few of the ideas are moot.

My favorites are whatever stuff is brought in has to be carried out when we arrive at home/our destination and trash bags will be emptied at gas stations.

And, he will love the monthly cleaning ideas from this blog.  He’s already said that he needs to vacuum the vehicle.  And we received it Thursday.

The author of the blog recommends a three-step process:

1)  Cleaning out the car.  She recommends having a garbage bag and two bins and working from one end to the other tossing items either in the garbage bag, one bin for items to be kept in the vehicle, and one bin for items that don’t belong in the vehicle and need to be returned to their permanent home.  She also removes car seats at this time and shakes out floor mats/rugs.  I would probably use this opportunity to replace items as needed in the car kit and change up toys/books for Muffin’s portion of the car kit.

2)  Vacuum

3)  Wipe and Clean/Detailing:  Rubber/vinyl surfaces, upholstery, glass/mirrors

Every car I’ve had has become a clutter bin, but I’m bound and determined that this one won’t be.

My goal is to also carry a mobile medicines kit so that we don’t have to worry when we are doing road trips.  I will probably pack it for the Canada trip and carry it in the car on long trips (It will have to be taken out of the car when we aren’t in it because we are heading toward 100 degree outside temps).

I’m linking up at Six Sisters Stuff’s Strut Your Stuff Saturday.

What have you done to organize/prep your vehicle and what do you think of my suggestions?

What do you think?

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