Meal Plan Monday: A Huge (Sigh) Confession

Meal Plan Monday

Last week’s meal plan did not go anywhere near as planned.  First, there was the car accident with the air bags hitting my shins and making it uncomfy to cook.  Then, Josh got sick from tox-ing on a McDonald’s McDouble Thursday (and he still isn’t 100%).  We haven’t eaten from McD’s in quite some time, so this may have been a huge shock to his system.

Needless to say, there was a lot of “to go” and restaurant eating this week.  😦

But Sunday’s meal made up for it.  Crock Pot Gyros.

But, here’s what you came for.


Monday, 4/28: spaghetti and sauce (There was that great deal on Classico sauces, so I’m probably going to use one of those), Artisan bread from the freezer made into garlic bread

Tuesday, 4/29: grilled chicken and grilled corn (probably on the George Foreman outdoor grill)

Wednesday, 4/30: salad/leftover gyros/gyro salad (A local eatery, Sam’s Southern Eatery serves a gyro salad, and I would like to try my own version, basically a Greek salad with kalamatas, feta, gyro meat, cucumbers, and tzatziki sauce thinned a bit with red wine vinegar) or hot dogs

Thursday, 5/1: brinner (We didn’t have it last week)

Friday, 5/2: pizza of some variety—maybe French bread pizza


I am considering this as a flexi-menu. The Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday menus may be changed around to fit our needs. If Muffin eats well at Granny’s and falls asleep on the way home (from not taking a nap during the day), salad day will probably be sooner rather than later.

As always, I am linking up at’s Menu Plan Monday.

What’s on your meal plan this week?



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