Cent Saving Saturday: Thrift Stores!

Cent Saving Saturday

My sister is a thrift-store expert.  Her present home-city-area is home to a huge concentration of thrift stores.  I’m not talking about merely Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  I’m talking MULTIPLE thrift stores.  One is HUGE!  And, on our recent Easter/Muffin birthday party trip there, my dad and I got to take a peak.

I found this thrift store to be almost like Disney World.  I’ve never been to Disney World, but it is fabled that you need to allot more than one day to explore there to be able to see everything.  The same is true of this particular thrift store.  You need to spend an entire day (or more) shopping there to be able to see everything.  We were there for a few hours, and I only looked over clothes for Muffin, for Josh, for me, and the purses.  I didn’t even look through all of the clothing racks for each of us.

I also looked at the purses.  My sister has mentioned buying NEW designer purses there for less than two dollars.  I found two new ones that I really liked.

But…my big finds were the New Orleans Saints clothes for Muffin.  A Sproles jersey (yes, he’s no longer a Saint, I know) and a Bush jersey (One day he WILL come back to the Saints, just you wait), several tee shirts (including a carbon copy of Josh’s gray World Championship tee-shirt), and a long-sleeved shirt.

Regrets?  I didn’t look at bedding or toys.  I would have liked to have procured some belts for the belt closet at school to supplement students’ uniforms.  I would have liked to have found Josh some work pants.

But, this is going to be a hefty grocery shopping week.  There are lots of sales, and some grinding meat is on sale.  Yay!


Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.79/lb.

Red, orange, or yellow bell peppers 99 cents each

Mini seedless watermelons 4/$5 (limit 4)

Classico pasta sauce 99 cents wyb 4 participating items

Capri Sun/Old Orchard Apple Juice half-gallon 98 cents wyb 4 participating items

D’Anjou pears 99 cents/lb.

1015 sweet onions $2.99/5 lb. bag

Sweet corn 6 ears/$2

7-Up 2L 88 cents wyb 4

Kroger cheese 2 lbs./$7


Boneless Bottom Round Roast 1.99/lb.  (grind time!)

Boneless Half Pork Loin 1.99/lb.

Niagara 24-pack half-liter bottles 5/$10 (limit 5 cases)

Essential Everyday canned vegetables or tomatoes 50 cents (limit 6)

Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce 50 cents each wyb 2 (with in-store manufacturer’s coupon, limit 2)

Essential Everyday frozen veg 75 cents (limit 3)

Rosarita Refried Beans 69 cents/can wyb 10 participating items

Crunch n Munch Snack Mix 79 cents wyb 10 participating items

Wolf Chili 99 cents wyb 10 participating items

Peter Pan peanut butter 1.49 wyb 10 participating items

Jif To Go 8ct 2/$5 (possible:  stocking up for the train ride)


Iceberg lettuce 79 cents/head

20 lb. Tidy Cats scoop cat litter $6.99