The Horrible Day and the Silver Lining on That Very Dark Cloud

First of all, let me say that I have tons to post that I hope to get to eventually.  We had Easter and Muffin’s birthday party at my sister’s over the weekend, and it was a blast!  Muffin and my youngest nephew had a great time playing (they are 19 months apart) and driving my oldest nephew crazy.  😉

But Saturday night, the night of the party, I knew that my sinus infection that so painfully had been in my cheekbones for months had decided to move up above my eyes so that I had “foggy head.”  Today is Tuesday, and foggy head is still with me.

I should note that I have chronic sinusitis.  Chronic.  And I take it until I can’t anymore and go to the doctor (or the walk-in), get an antibiotic (even let them tell me that regardless of the screaming pain in my sinus cavities that it must be fibromayalgia or, my personal favorite, tonsilitis…but by that point I don’t care as long as they give me the antibiotic), and get better for a bit.  The reason that I sit there and take it is so that I don’t become resistant to antibiotics.  (And, since I have something non-contagious, I don’t want to catch something contagious as I go to the doctor.  Yes, it’s a thought process, albeit a flawed one.)

Today ended Easter break and ushered in a return to work.  Still head foggy from the sinusitis moving upstairs, I really should have taken my own advice and called in.  Really.  I should.

Instead, my head fogginess coupled with driving to work in the dark (my choice, I admit it, but I tend to get more done before the school day starts than I do in the afternoon when I’m exhausted and beaten up by the day’s events) and the members of my neighborhood providing me a lovely obstacle course to drive around by parking in the street…while…I misjudged the distance from my passenger front fender to the truck facing me…and the truck won.

Really won.

My little baby hybrid and my legs…didn’t win.  I will spare you the picture of my bruised legs.  This is a food blog, not a never-eat-again-because-disgusted blog.

So, I called the school secretary and explained to her that I wasn’t going to be making it in today.  Ouch!  Contacted Josh who was at home with Muffin (thank goodness Muffin was not in the car with me).  Contacted the police.  Tried to contact the owner of the truck twice by ringing the doorbell.  Didn’t do so well with that one.  Contacted my assistant principal who had already heard from the secretary and was about to call me.  Contacted the insurance company.  Waited until a time when I wouldn’t scare my parents (and not wake them up) to call my parents.  Contacted the insurance company and the rental car company.  Again.  And then had Josh contact the rental car company a few times for good measure.  I have plans to go back to work tomorrow, people!

Declined medical care on site (which I think my sister, upon hearing about the accident, is still angry about).  Let me just explain my reasoning: 1) $500 deductible on car insurance + $500 deductible on hospitalization/ER for health insurance only to sit in the ER for hours because bruised shins and a scraped upper chest and an abraided arm probably don’t rate too high, triage-wise.  (And if I were a victim of a real emergency, I would be a bit put out with someone wasting hospital resources on something so trivial)  2)  I wanted to go home.  Keep in mind, sinusitis=feeling sick and woozy.  I wanted a nap.  3) I knew I was going to have to be on hand to deal with all the insurance stuff.  4)  I received my rental car at 2:30.  I was not going to have my parents have to be my chauffeurs in all of this.  So, I had no car to go to the ER or the doctor until then.  By then, I was completely worn out.

But the bright spots of the silver lining:

1) Muffin took care of me, bringing me “flowers” from the backyard and showering me with snuggles and smiles.  He felt very grown up and proud of himself for it.

2)  I have some of the best coworkers.  When one of us is hurt or in trouble, you can always expect an outpouring of calls and texts and prayers.  I appreciate all of those…and all of my coworkers…immensely.

3)  I won my first online giveaway, sponsored by one of my fave foodie blogs, The Slow Roasted Italian.  Yes, of the pretzel bites fame (in fact, when I told Josh and my mom about it, that’s how I presented it to them).

A picture of that lusciousness deserves repeating:

There.  That picture makes me feel better!

As I said, I hope to post much more of this weekend (well…minus the wooziness caused by sinusitis) shortly (including a post that I’ve been working on FOREVER that I should now be able to move from the Draft Slush Pile).

I hope everyone had a great day and that tomorrow is even better!


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