Cent Saving Saturday: Garage Sale Mania!

Cent Saving Saturday

Last Saturday seemed to be neighborhood garage sale day in our area.  Our neighborhood and one just down the road had neighborhood-wide garage sales.  There was a craft sale at a nearby church, also.  I halfway thought of putting some stuff out to sell, but with getting ready for Muffin’s party and Easter and traveling to my sister’s…and shopping for the week…yeah, it wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, on the way back from getting the oil changed in the car (Josh and Muffin) and shopping for the remainder of items for Muffin’s birthday and Easter (yeah, right), we decided to peruse a few sales in our neighborhood.  I went through the sales with one item in mind:  wine glasses.  We didn’t have any.  And I wanted to make strawberries romanoff like at La Madeleine served in a nice wine glass and…well…drink wine from something other than a plastic cup.

My redneck only extends so far.

I started to feel discouraged after five or so in our neighborhood, but around the sixth one I hit the jackpot:  4 wine glasses for 25 cents each (much less than the cost one would have been in the store)!

Yes, this image from an earlier post is one of my new wineglasses!

That was definitely around my purchase price.

I know many bloggers mention keeping a price book, but I have a mental one for garage sales.  It may be a bit naive (out of date/insane), but I tend to follow the following as my max amounts:

magazines:  ten cents

paperback books:  twenty-five cents (Imagine my panic and perturbation when I saw some last Saturday selling for $5 each!  Or, rather, not selling.)

hardback books:  fifty cents, although I will go to a dollar

clothing:  fifty cents to a dollar a piece

craft supplies:  twenty-five cents to a dollar

electronics:  I think that electronics at garage sales are perhaps the best case of “let the buyer beware.”  I’ve gotten burned a few times, so I tend to shy away.

toys:  $1.00 tends to be my limit, unless it’s a big set.

DVDs:  $1.00

Dishes:  I tend not to want to go over a dollar for multiples.

When I was little, I used to go to garage sales with my dad.  Our limit was $1.00 each, and we used to come home with our arms full of stuff.  For us, it was a way to get out of the house, people watch, interact socially (you tend to see some of the same people at g-sales, and often times they will look out for stuff for you–“Hey, are you still looking for ‘x’?  I saw some at ‘y.'”), see a variety of items (It always amazed me if an item I had never seen before showed up in two or three of the same garage sales in one day), and buy stuff we wanted/needed that were out of our budget brand new.

We still have clothes that Muffin will eventually wear that I purchased at garage sales near my sister’s house before I was even sure I was having a boy (just really really REALLY hoping).

I don’t understand the “g-sale stigma” that some people have about garage sale items, such as clothing.  “I can’t stand the idea of wearing clothes someone has worn before.”  Oh, really?  How can you be sure no one tried on the clothes at the store where you just purchased them?  Or returned them before you bought them?

Grocery-wise, there were several interesting sales (involving ham, mostly), but since we will be out of town Friday-Monday, I’m not sure if I’ll partake.  I’ll do an amended grocery list when we return on Monday and will post it here.

What is your fave find at garage sales?  Or your opinion of garage sales?  Drop me a line below and let me know!


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