Tip Tuesday: Research Different Restaurants’ Menus to Try to Make Copycats of Favored Items

Tip Tuesday

Recently, I have started to crave salads.  No, I’m not pregnant.  As the mercury (or alcohol) rises (and dips and rises and dips), my body seems to be pre-programmed to want cooler items, especially salads. Just one problem:  I’m not the world’s biggest lettuce fan.  I love veggies and all the other goodies on salads, but I so am not in favor of lettuce.  Especially iceberg.  Unless it’s part of a wedge salad with blue cheese.

But I love herb mixes and spring mixes and all of those leafy mixes (and usually try to get them on reduced produce day at Brookshire’s).  Especially arugula.  I could compose a sonnet for arugula.  Or a haiku.

Oh Arugula

My tummy’s craving in emerald

Slightly spicy yum!

Recently (and this shows how eerily in tune Josh and I are), I didn’t feel like packing my lunch but was desperately hoping that a certain chicken chain notoriously closed on Sundays would have their salads ready at 6:15 in the morning (so that I could purchase that and my breakfast at the same time).  I chose their new Cobb Salad.  It was Friday of testing week.  My duty day.  A day when I felt the need for a bit more pampering.  Plus I wanted to deconstruct the salad to create at home.

It has the chopped up nuggets or strips, lettuce (a romaine mix), grape tomatoes, Monterey Jack and cheddar blend, roasted corn, chopped hard boiled egg, baby field greens mix, bacon, red cabbage, and carrots.  Let me isolate the two most important words in that list…roasted corn.  I’m not sure I can eat a salad from now on without corn, roasted or otherwise.  The salad is huge!  And I gobbled it all down.

Flash forward to Friday night when neither Josh nor I were very hungry.  I knew the cause of my lack of starvation was the salad.  I finally came clean to Josh, and he cracked up.  It turns out that he also had purchased the same salad with the same dressing (not the recommended one) for lunch at Chick-Fil-A just that day, as well.

If that’s not a sign that we are in sync, I don’t know what is.  (But I bought mine first)

On Saturday, I knew that I was making the Chick-Fil-A nuggets but simply was not feeling the idea of fries with the nuggets.  I wanted…needed…desired…salad.  With corn, roasted or otherwise.  And tomatoes.  And green onions (because we are growing them in water…and yes…it works…as will become clear in a future Tip Tuesday post).  And cheese.  And kalamata olives.  With vinaigrette.

I may have inhaled that salad as well (as in, Hoovered it…not breathed it in).

Much of my time this weekend was looking up other restaurants’ salad menus, and trying to figure out how to make them.  There are several (hundreds) that I want to try this summer.

And this all falls in line with my need to not heat up the kitchen this summer.

I gotta go now though.  I have to find more salad to devour!


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