Date Night Log: Possibly the Most Prosaic Date to Date

Date Night Log

Erm.  We seem to be on a roll lately although I should have seen this coming.  When reviewing some of the Good Eats episodes recently, I may have caused Josh to select the main entertainment for last night’s date.

There are several (obvious and casual) references to Monty Python in Good Eats episodes.

I think it may have been my fault, as well, because I suggested that we do dishes by hand as part of a couple bonding experience (since the dishwasher tablets don’t seem to want to dissolve and therefore several rounds of dishes have come out on the other end of the dishwasher experience unclean).

So, we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Well, sort of.  After washing the dishes and shopping most of the day and Muffin not taking a nap and a long week at work preparing for testing, I fell asleep before the movie was halfway over.  Which means that I may have made it farther in the movie than I ever have before.

I’m actually going to have to bug off because I think we are going to re-watch the parts that I still haven’t seen.

Yay to medieval-ness!  Even parodies of medieval-ness!

Happy dating, everyone!