Meal Plan Monday: Theme Nights?

Meal Plan Monday

I’m a bit obsessed with planning meals.  Or to be more general, I’m obsessed with thinking about food.  Meal planning gives me a reason (okay, an excuse) to think about food constantly.  Constantly.

Really, constantly.

At some point last year (about this time of year, actually), I became obsessed with planning out alliterative theme nights.  Like meatless Monday and Taco Tuesday.  I really stretched it some though.  It may have been sleep deprivation.  Or work stress.  I’m not sure which of the two were the culprit or both.  It also happened to be during a Pinterest blitzing (where I would wake up at 2 a.m. and not be able to go to sleep and pin solidly for three hours in an attempt to go to sleep which of course did not work).

But, today, you get to enjoy the (slightly warped) fruits of my labor.  Enjoy!



Sunday dinner:  big meal, possibly with planned leftovers

Souper Sunday (also works for Saturday):  soup, stew, chili (with salad or sandwiches)

Slowcook Sunday (also works for Saturday):  meals from the slow cooker

Spaghetti Sunday (also works for Saturday):  spaghetti or any Italian food (or macaroni and cheese)

Skewer Sunday (also works for Saturday):  kebabs or meals on a stick (or grilled eats)

Southern Sunday (Saturday also):  southern edibles

Schezwan Sunday (Saturday also):  Asian food (particularly Chinese)

Spanish Sunday (Saturday also):  Spanish or Hispanic food (including tapas–yum!)



Meatless Monday:  vegan, vegetarian, beans and rice, etc.

Mediterranean Monday:  Spanish, Turkish, Greek, or Italian cuisine

Microwave Monday:  leftovers

Mexican Monday

Red Beans and Rice:  In New Orleans, red beans and rice were traditionally served on wash day–Monday.

Meatloaf Monday

Movie Monday:  meals inspired by movies (and I had dozens of those selected–some in one of the date night posts–and plan to post more later)

Mom’s Munchies Monday:  parental eats/heirloom recipes or snacky meals

Manitoba Munchies:  Canadian eats

Muffin Tin Monday:  petite eats or meals in a muffin tin

Mystery Mondays:  eat meal blindfolded and try to guess it



Taco Tuesday

Terrific Trough Tuesday:  food bars

Tuna Tuesday:  tuna or other fish

Tiny Tuesday:  petite eats or snacky

Tuscan Tuesday:  Italian

Travel Tuesday:  foreign food (maybe progressive dinner of different ethnicities)

Tokyo Tuesday:  Asian food, particularly Japanese (sushi or faux sushi or sushi bowls)

Top Secret Tuesday:  copycat recipes

Television Tuesday:  TV-style dinners (either frozen dinner-style dinners or dinners themed around a particular television show)

Tea Party Tuesday:  tea party style eats (think high tea)



Wacky Wednesday:  fun food/kid-friendly food (also could be called Weird Wednesday)

Wee One Wednesday:  kid-friendly

Warm Wednesday:  comfort food

Waste Not Wednesday:  leftovers or re-purposed leftovers

Windsor Wednesday:  British fare (also Irish, Australian, Scottish, Indian–all areas ever under British control)

Weber Wednesday:  grilling

Waffle Wednesday:  breakfast for dinner

Wild Card Wednesday:  anything goes



Thrifty Thursday:  leftovers, cheap eats, use up last bits (think soups or fried rice)

Thin Thursday:  thin/small food or healthy food

Theater Thursday (or Theatre Thursday, if that is your bent):  movie-inspired menus (or meals that you could eat at a theater)

Thank You Thursday:  dishes you would eat at Thanksgiving

Three Course Dinner Thursday:  appetizer/salad/soup, entree, dessert

Fete de The Thursday:  That’s supposed to be French for “tea” and not “the” by the way–tea party eats



Fun Friday:  kid-friendly/fun foods

Pizza Night Friday Night:  pizza in all varieties/forms

Frenchy Friday:  French foods or foods misattributed to the French (loaded, smothered cheesy French fries, for example)

Fried Friday:  fried foods

Fish on Friday:  fish (duh!) or goldfish crackers in soup or salad

Film Friday:  see Movie Monday or Theater Thursday

Fondue Friday:  all things dippable

Fiesta Friday:  party eats (appys) or Hispanic food

Freezer Friday:  something from the freezer or (in the heat of summer) something chilled

Fancy Friday:  fancy/elegant eats

Fast Friday:  quick to prepare or fast-food-inspired

Frugal Friday:  see Thrifty Thursday

What others can you come up with?

Anyway, here’s what you came for (and as always I’m linking up with’s Menu Plan Monday):

Monday: clean out fridge/hot dogs

Tuesday: tacos (make tortillas)

…although hopefully not with pretzels!

Wednesday: stuffed baked potato (taco toppings, bacon, etc)

Thursday: Leftover casserole (cowboy chicken), frozen veg or chips and salsa

Friday: 2 ingredient pizza dough pizza

Saturday: grill stuff

Sunday: tourtiere, veg, mashed potatoes and gravy

I am linking up with Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie!


This week I’m also linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop:

7 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: Theme Nights?

  1. I really need to work on a meal plan. I like the idea of theme nights. It sounds fun! (And I think about food all the time too! LOL)

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  2. I just found this post and your site! I have been looking for an easy way to figure out what to eat each night and love this list! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is our meal plan themes:
    Must-Go Mondays (left overs or order out if no left overs.)
    Traditional Tuesday (we use this for 2 things. Either a traditional ethnic meal, or a traditional sit down 3 course meal.)
    Wild Card Wednesday (I make whatever I want, or have on hand.)
    Try Something New Thursday (exactly what it sounds like.We try at least one new dish.)
    Favorites Friday (we make our favorite meals)
    Simple Saturday (quick and easy meals. One of my favorite go to meal is grilled cheese and tomato soup.)
    Slow Cooker Sunday (crock pot or freezer meals)

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