Datus Nightus Interruptus: Muffin’s Spaceship!

Earlier this evening when Josh and I sat down to enjoy the Mama and Dada part of date night, Muffin didn’t seem to appreciate that concept.  He kept wanting to interrupt, playing games on the tablet with his own onomatopoeia sound effects, wanting popcorn, wanting a drink, having to go potty…you get the idea.

And then…he came to ask if he could build a spaceship.  He’s been watching Star Wars lately and playing the LEGO Star Wars (free) game on his iPOD.  When we told him he could, but that he had to build it in his room, he quickly came back out to show us what he had built.

At the time, it would have been after 10 P.M. Ontario time, but he wanted us to call Grandma (Josh’s mom) immediately so that she could see it.  He also wanted me to come and snuggle, something that has become a nightly ritual this week.

I decided right then and there that 1) I would photograph his spaceship during “snuggle time” for posterity (really–it’s the biggest one that he’s built to date) and 2) I would take the picture and post it on here so that grandma, his aunts, and anyone else reading the blog could see it.

So, here goes:


What do you think?

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