Date Night Log: Josh’s Long-Anticipated Medieval-like Feast and a Robin Hood Double Play

Date Night Log

Date Night Log:  Saturday, March 30, 2014

Medieval (like) Feast and Robin Hood (and Robin Hood)

This, if you will remember, was the date night that Josh requested way back in January.  The one that he requested when we first sat down to discuss an actual weekly at-home date night.

The plan was to watch a medieval movie (or two), such as Robin Hood, and feast the evening away beforehand.

After much research (some of which doubled for research for my students for world history), I decided on a menu:

Opening and closing course:  cheddar cheese slices (Cheese was provided at medieval feasts as both the first course and the last course as a digestive aid.)

Potage:  A brothy, vegetable and barley soup.  I cheated and bought a can of Campbell’s beef with vegetable soup (Do you know how difficult it is to find a straight up veg soup in a can without pasta or rice?).  It was okay.

Roasted Fowl:  I waxed poetic about them here.

Poached Pears:  Again, see here for the recipe.

Beverages:  apple juice (Muffin), beer (Josh), and a shiraz wine spritzer (me)

As an historian, I know we received definite minuses for serving with plastic spoons, serving the poached pears with ice cream, and who knows what else (the spritzer).  I did offer a finger bowl for each of us to dip our fingers in (much needed after the chicken) scented with bergamot oil (I couldn’t find my rosewater).

During dinner, we watched the Disney cartoon of Robin Hood for Muffin’s benefit.  He had a lot of difficulty understanding that a prince could be bad (Prince John) or that a sheriff could be bad as well (the Sheriff of Nottingham).  Trying to explain medieval mores and politics to a Muffin is not an easy task.

The feast seemed to go over fairly well.

After supper, we began the arduous process of attempting to watch the version of Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.  I paid Josh back in spades for this movie; let’s just say that Richard does not meet his just desserts in the movie the same way he did in real life…historically. And I might have mentioned that a few dozen times during the movie.  It didn’t help that Muffin kept interrupting the movie.  That version of Robin Hood is definitely not Muffin-friendly.  I did like the portrayal of Eleanor of Aquitaine, though.  She’s probably my hero of the medieval era.

I think Josh wants to do medieval night again.  I think we should watch The Princess Bride for it.  Or Lion in Winter.  I think Josh would prefer Lion in Winter to The Princess Bride.

How did date night go for you this week?

What do you think?

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