Cent-Saving Saturday: The Coupon Paradox

Cent Saving Saturday

Hello.  My name is Muffin’s Mama, and I coupon.  Sort of.  I’m a lapsed couponer.  I used to coupon.  I sometimes coupon.  Once upon a time I couponed.

I still clip coupons.  Sometimes.  For things that I know I will purchase.  Sometimes.

But, I have to admit, the show Extreme Couponing and several bad couponing experiences certainly put a damper on my enjoyment and determination for couponing.

The first season of the show coincided with my most active checking of savings’ blogs:  Krazy Coupon Lady, (at the time) Coupon Katarina, Money Saving Mom, Hip2Save, and Couponing to Disney.  I had a schedule that I followed daily in checking them.  Religiously.  And strove to achieve those same deals or better that were mentioned on the blogs.

And then the fraud stories began to surface about the show.  Big surprise, I thought with the cynical back of my mind…a reality show that isn’t real.  But part of me was hurt.  These were couponers.  They were supposed to be honest.  Because the coupon king in my life growing up was my dad.  And he would never have done anything dishonest with couponing, or shopping in general.  So, I equated all couponers with him.

I learned quickly that not everyone has that measure of integrity.  Or relearned, rather.

That was when things began to “go South” for couponers.  Store employees began to look at us in judgment and accusation, scrutinizing each purchase we made.  Stores limited printed coupons; some outlawed them entirely.  One by one, stores stopped accepting double and triple coupons.  People behind me in line would huff and puff if they saw I had coupons.  Checkers would make thinly veiled or outright rude comments about how much they hated ringing up customers who had coupons (this happened at the “good” Kroger in my area).

The latent unpopular kid struggling for acceptance just couldn’t take the scorn anymore.

My couponing dribbled to a stop.  It hurt my heart to see the dotted lines with brightly colored images.

I didn’t stop shopping deals, but I stopped couponing.

I also stopped buying company’s products that seemed to have it “in” for couponers.  I don’t think I’ve actually purchased a product from the “Super Company” that sold household and hygiene products who seemed to just be so mean to couponers since.  You don’t need my consumer power; I do not need to bestow it to you.

Slowly, I have dusted off the scraps of my pride and rebuilt.  I have attempted to use a coupon or two, usually at restaurants, and become encouraged slowly again to use more coupons.

But, at the places where I faced the most resistance, I have not used a coupon since the battering, the rudeness happened:  Target, Kroger, and WalMart.

I was actually told by a checker that I could not use a coupon (a manufacturer’s coupon) on a sale item.  At a Target.  That employee still works at my local Target, but I refuse to go through her line.  I simply cannot bring myself to do it.  I haven’t seen the coupon-hating Kroger employees since that incident.

But y’all are here to find out what’s up with the specials this week…

I’m honestly not planning on buying much this week.  As you will see on Monday, the meal plan for this week is more in line with what we are used to, and, other than produce and eggs, there really isn’t too much we need.  And, other than some nifty produce sales, I’m not too impressed with the offerings this week.


Personal Watermelons 1.88

Lettuce 99 cents


1015 onions 79 cents/pound

I also need to buy eggs, bananas, more fruit, and tomatoes (also baking mix unless I attempt to make some).

I hope you find more deals than I did!


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