Funny Muffin Friday: A Potty Training Update

Funny Muffin FridayAfter two years of gnashing teeth and wringing hands, I think we are finally around the bend.  The potty-training bend.  Less than a month from now, Muffin will be four years old.  For nine days now (with the exception of nap time and bedtime), he has worn “big boy pants” or “underwears” (usually Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)…with no accidents!  I know sleeping bathroom trips are going to take a while longer, but I’m just so pleased that he is going to the bathroom when he is supposed to while awake!

The poop bucket has had to be replenished.  Saturday, we took a trip to Dollar Tree for Muffin to pick out some things he would be interested in having as prizes.

This was one of the first prizes he selected at Dollar Tree, and it was one of the first ones he selected after getting home from Dollar Tree.

Yes, that is my child behind those ears and glasses.

We are so very proud of him, and he is proud of himself!

If you are “lucky” enough to be going through potty training with your little one, how is it going for you?



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