A Few More Breakfast Buffet Bar Ideas All Wrapped Up into One (A Possible Spring Cleaning New Recipe Challenge)


New Recipe Challenge

French Toast in a Cup Bar (this could also work as an Oatmeal Bar or Baked Oatmeal Bar); Josh noted that there should be savory components (fried egg, etc).  I told him that if I added the savory components, I would be typing until I’m 80–the meats and cheeses alone would keep me busy.

After perusing Pretty Prudent a few days ago, I found something that I hope is life changing: “French Toast in a Mug in 2 Minutes.”

As I was reading through the recipe, I saw several ways that the French toast could become a hybridized French toast bread pudding in a mug. And then I heard someone mention adding other chunky ingredients (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts)…and my brain kicked into high gear…and I thought “French Toast in a Cup Bar” with each person adding their own ingredients, their own creation. My brain is moving in so many directions that I can appreciate the “use up bits and pieces” idea.

I should note that I am planning this for tomorrow. I should also note that I’m the only one who is very excited about it. But I’m sure it will end up being “Muffin Approved.” After breakfast, I will post the results and verdict.

However…I am not planning all of the toppings listed below. Just a chosen few (but you will have to see exactly which ones tomorrow). I’m sure it will resemble the ice cream bars we’ve had.  Some of the selections listed below are sauces to drizzle on after cooking; some are mix-ins and add-ins; and some you have to mix in after cooking.

Maple Syrup (naturally)

powder sugar dust

cocoa powder/hot chocolate powder

coffee powder

vanilla extract

caramel syrup

chocolate syrup

rum sauce (drool)

jams/preserves/blackberry syrup/raspberry syrup

cream cheese chunks (for a “stuffed” French toast cup)

crushed oreo or graham cracker crumbs

pecans, toasted





Praline topping




pretzels to go with caramel (sauce or bits)

bananas (maybe bruleed bananas if I want to be really fancy)


dried apricots



dried cherries

dried blueberries

dried banana chips

dried pineapple (maybe a pina colada French toast cup)

orange zest/lemon zest if it’s blueberry

toasted almond slivers

honey roasted peanuts

whipped cream

liqueur-laced whipped cream

orange marmalade

bacon crumbles


(slightly crushed) breakfast cereal


chopped toasted hazelnuts

sprinkles 😉

ice cream

milk chocolate chips with cayenne pepper

white chocolate chips

peanut butter chips

cinnamon chips

dark chocolate chips

semisweet chocolate chips

peanut butter

apples/applesauce/apple chips

pears/dried pears


chopped up candy bars (I think Twix has promise)

cinnamon roll topping glaze (maybe Pioneer Woman’s recipe)

peaches/peach preserves


mandarin oranges

candied cherries


“chocolate stuffed croissant” French toast: torn up croissant with dark chocolate

bananas Foster French toast

whisky sauce

“rum” sauce for bread pudding 

bourbon sauce

chocolate bread pudding (need to figure out the conversion to mug sized)

toffee bits

vanilla bean caviar or paste

dried fruit soaked in alcohol/liqueur (Frangelico soaked raisins)


butterscotch chips

exemplar to cut down to mug size

butterscotch sauce

candied ginger

marshmallows/marshmallow creme

What do you think would be a great topping/add-in in a French toast or oatmeal bar?



2 thoughts on “A Few More Breakfast Buffet Bar Ideas All Wrapped Up into One (A Possible Spring Cleaning New Recipe Challenge)

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