We Plan Wednesday: Muffin Enters Pre-(Home)School This Summer!

We Plan Wednesday


Muffin will embark on a new adventure of being a big boy this summer:  he will begin preschool!  I am currently planning exactly what we will do as we both begin this mission.  We’ve had a few lessons this week, and they have gone well.  He seems eager for more.  We did some letter identification and word identification Saturday and some math fun today when he selected a Leap Frog math pack for his poop prize.

A big component of preschool will be cooking every day.  Muffin really likes to help cook, and he is gaining confidence and vocabulary as we talk through recipes.  Today was a great example of that.

Of course, another component would be nap time (which tends to be our big bone of contention daily).  I also plan on including lessons in technology on the tablet and his iPOD.

I have plans to include music and art instruction (and have him work on his cutting, coloring, and handwriting skills).  I’ve downloaded several preschool packs, and hopefully Muffin will continue to see learning as fun.

And, yes, I do plan to homeschool during our trip up north this year.  The train will offer great opportunities for learning about different places (plus some downtime for e-lessons).

I am open to suggestions and HEEEEEEELLLLLLP!


What do you think?

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