Tip Tuesday: A Makeshift Travel Pillow

Tip Tuesday

In a few months, we will be traveling to visit my in-laws up in Ontario.  We will travel by train on Amtrak for most of the way, spending over 24 hours on a train each way.  That means, hopefully, that we will be sleeping on the train.  (Sleep was fairly elusive on last year’s trip)

Part of traveling by train (especially if, as we plan this year, we plan to only have carry-ons) is condensing what you travel with.  We don’t plan to carry big bulky pillows.  And Amtrak, as wonderful as they are, tend to run out of travel pillows.

By the way, sleeping in an Amtrak seat without a pillow is not easy.  Or, to put it another way, impossible.

While in Canada last year, we purchased three of those wrap-around neck pillows.  They were great.  Until one of them sprang a leak and dribbled tiny static-y styrofoam pellets all over the floor.  We are still vacuuming them up, several months later.

Back to the drawing board.

Just last week, one of my seventh graders asked to borrow one of my ziploc baggies.  The only ones I have remaining are my huge 2.5 gallon ones.  Being a seventh grader and male, he decided to blow it up like a balloon and slide the seal across.

Light Bulb!

As he batted it around for a few moments, it resembled a small, transparent sofa throw pillow.  At that moment, I needed it.  I had to test my theory.

Of course, I may have sounded more than a bit autocratic when I demanded it be given to me.  I tested it….Perfection!  Or at least doable.  I have a solution for our travel woes.  I simply have to convince Josh who is more than a bit skeptical.  The beauty of these beauties is that after using them, these “pillows” can be deflated and flattened into our luggage for use later.

No, it’s not a perfect memory foam body pillow, but hopefully it will let us sleep.


3 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: A Makeshift Travel Pillow

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  2. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Thanks my friend. 🙂

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