The Spring Cleaning New Recipe Challenge: Barbie Lemonade Spritzer

New Recipe Challenge

Dare I say it and pronounce myself unfeminine?  I am not fond of Chardonnay.  I don’t like dry white wines at all.  To me, Chardonnay tastes like what I imagine wet sour wood to taste like (and not in a good way).  So, in making the Cowboy Chicken Casserole today, I ended up with a whole bunch of Chardonnay that needed to be disposed of.

If I am going to partake of wine, I like mine to have bubbles and sweetness.  I’m okay with drier red wines, but dry white wines (other than Pinot Grigio) make my mouth open in reflex for the wine to fall out.  Not a very sophisticated thing to do at a wine tasting.  Which is why I don’t attend wine tastings.

Now, I do have a bottle of Chardonnay that my mother-in-law brought with her on a previous trip that we didn’t drink.  I’m waiting for her next trip here.  And then we will drink it.  I’ll like that one, I’m sure.

Meanwhile…what to do with the Chardonnay.  If it were Gerwurtzminer or Riesling or Moscato, I would think bottoms up would be the best direction.  But Chardonnay, for me, requires a mixer or two.  Which means…SPRITZER!

I always think of Pioneer Woman when I think of spritzers.  She has made a few on her blog and show, and she has shown me that they can be fun (and not cheesy).  Although cheesy can be good sometimes.  Like now.

To up the sweetness, Chardonnay made into a spritzer requires Sprite instead of club soda or sparkling water as a mixer.  That renders it (almost) drinkable.  But I needed a flavor sway.

Then I saw the bottle of pink liquid (pale transparent pink, not quite the bubblegum pink that Barbie requires).  Pink Lemonade Vodka.  Purchased because it was cheaper than Albertson’s alky.  Used as an impromptu painkiller and oral anesthetic when sinusitis presses down on the roof of my mouth.  Like now.

So, here’s what I did to produce this:

See?  I even put it in my favorite plastic Rotolo’s cup.  Classy, huh?

Barbie Lemonade Spritzer

Courtesy of Me!

1 ounce Pink Lemonade Vodka (I used Burnett’s)

3-4 ounces Chardonnay (ick!), chilled

12 ounce can Sprite, preferably chilled

Fill the selected 20 ounce+ vessel with ice.  Drizzle in vodka.  Glug in the Chardonnay.  Stir.  (Yes, 007, sometimes stirring is the only way to go)  Pour Sprite slowly over the ice cubes.  Stir again.  Sip.  You have now rendered Chardonnay drinkable.  Drink to that feat of achievement.  Repeat as necessary (or until the Chardonnay bottle is empty and disposed of).  If you are in a sharing mood with a non-male person nearby (I didn’t even try to offer it to Josh), you could divide it in half and pour each half of the contents in a vessel befitting its prettiness.

This recipe is definitely Mama approved, but it understandably is not Muffin Approved.

What are some ingredients that you have to creatively use up?

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