Date Night Log: Chill Date Night in Prep for Next Week’s Big Date Night

Date Night LogDate Night Log:  The Proposal plus movie snacks

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I’m starting to feel as if date night is getting a bit repetitive.  Trying not to feel that way, but just sayin’.  We’ve done movie nights very frequently (Of course, we also have a lot of movies to watch that we haven’t watched yet…that are in our library…or on Netflix…or on Amazon Prime).

For this movie night, we dug out (or rather pulled down) the air popper, popped some popcorn (well, Josh did), laced it with butter (again, Josh), sprinkled with salt (Josh), and cracked on some pepper (me!).  Trust me, the pepper made all the difference.  I’ve eaten popcorn laced with  Tony’s before (lots of popcorn laced with Tony’s before), but this took things to a gourmet level.  We also served some of the Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars and Coke.

Now, I can see the allure of going out to movies (especially with what I’m about to tell you), but what self-respecting theater is going to let you show up in your jammies (Josh had worked all day, was on call, and so we did a dressing down), cuddle on the couch with your favorite blue fuzzy blanket, and serve Salt and Pepper Popcorn (with real butter), peanut butter bars, and pop with a bottle to place at your feet for refills?  Uh, none.

Let it be noted that we had an invader who stole food during our date.  A little red-haired one who answers to Muffin.  Who stole one of Josh’s peanut butter bars before being persuaded to go back to sleep and keep Daisy company.  I guess that will be one advantage to a movie theater.

I chose The Proposal while Josh was digging the air popper from obscurity (actually above the cabinets…a location I can’t reach even with a chair to stand on).  For us, The Proposal is very timely.  Any couple that has ever had to struggle with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) during the course of their relationship needs to see this movie.  Preferably 3-5 years after said struggle when it’s fresh enough in your memory to make it poignant and relevant but not so soon in your memory that you still become angry and want to throw things at the screen.  I’ve been there, done that.  Sent a box of files to their offices two-inches thick for the fiance visa.  Check.  Paid through the nose for the privilege of having our relationship scrutinized.  Josh and me check.  After two-and-a-half years of marriage had to prove (and re-prove) that Josh and I are gainfully married.  Check.  Note:  this came during the time I was pregnant with Muffin and just after (before the birth certificate arrived).  And an apartment where you co-habitate, by the way, is not proof.  A car in both of your names is not proof.  (In case you ever find yourself in that position).  However, a snarkily worded letter explaining that yes, I just had a child with the applicant, and no, you can not see the birth certificate because even though my son may soon cut his first tooth (slight exaggeration here), I am not privy to his birth certificate is, I guess, proof.  I have the hospital birth record that I am sending to you as well as a note from my doctor detailing that yes, this is my husband’s child (the shock of red hair on my son’s head at birth should tell anyone that), and that my husband attended EVERY doctor’s appointment during the pregnancy.  I went on to say in the snarky letter that if they could get the office in Louisiana to issue the birth certificate faster, that would surely be a weight off my mind, but that since I was waiting for the state bureaucracy to work so that I could send it to them in order to help the federal bureaucracy work, then they could see a copy of my son’s birth certificate.

Whenever I think of this, I wonder:  what about those parents (one of which is a Legal Permanent Resident, a green card holder to the uninitiated) who are 1) unable to bear their own children or 2) (shocker of shockers) of the mindset to not have children right away?  Honestly, if I were in the first camp, I would have become very upset at the mention of offering that as proof.  If I were in the latter group, I would be offended that my job is to be a baby factory to satisfy the salacious desires of a worker in the USCIS office.

Maybe 3-5 years isn’t enough to move beyond the anger and frustration of dealing with the USCIS.  Hmm…check back with me in 3-5 years to see if I’m over it yet.

Moving on.  Anyway.  Great movie.  Bullock and Reynolds.  Lots of funny moments.  Betty White thanking the nature spirits.  Great fun.

Of course, it should be noted that we have seen this movie before.  I am fully on the theory that date night movies should be movies we’ve seen before.  The Catching Fire date proves that.

Anyway, I thought I should include a recipe in this post to show that I’m not angry at the USCIS anymore.  Or at least for you, my lovely readers’, benefit.

New Recipe Challenge

Le Pop-Corn du Sel et Poive (Salt and Pepper Popcorn…the French makes it sound more gourmet…and I have no idea if it is translated correctly)

1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels

4 Tablespoons butter (or beurre) (half a stick, eighth of a pound, according to Josh), melted

1/2-1/4 teaspoon sel (or salt) (to taste)

plenty of freshly cracked black pepper (at least 1/2 teaspoon) (or poive)

Pop the popcorn in your trusty air popper (or on the stove top in a covered pan with an appropriate amount of oil).  Pour butter over the popcorn.  Toss to coat.  Sprinkle on salt.  Toss to spread.  Crack on some pepper.  Toss.  Crack on some more until it is full of peppery goodness and the oils from the pepper form this yummy elixir in your mouth when you take a bite.  Then, if that happens, get your head examined because you have OD’d on cracked black pepper.  Step away from the pepper.

Enjoy with The Proposal, peanut butter bars, Coke, and your date while snuggled in your favorite fuzzy blue blanket on the couch.

Maybe some of the butter didn’t get entirely melted…


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