The Spring Cleaning New Recipe Challenge: Crockpot Low Country Boil and Paula Deen’s Banana Bread

New Recipe Challenge

Day 2 began with a new challenge.  Not only was I going to create the Crockpot Low Country Boil from Family Fresh Meals, but I was also going to prep the rest of the vegetation for the week’s new recipes.  And hopefully make banana bread to use up the bananas.  And make biscotti that I owe my dad as part of his Christmas present.

The biscotti didn’t happen, but the rest did.

The Low Country Boil.

The Paula Deen Banana Bread from Eat Cake for Dinner.

Of all of the recipes this week, the low-country boil is the one that I was looking forward to the most.  Small confession:  born and raised in Louisiana, I have consumed crawfish boil crawfish.  But it is not the crawfish that are the draw for me.  I am all about the boil potatoes and corn.  This recipe, completed in the slow cooker, uses both red potatoes (check) and corn (check).

The verdict:  The recipe calls for squeezing two lemons into the mix and then placing the lemon carcasses into the slow cooker.  The pith makes the boil broth and its contents a bit bitter, so I might not put it in the next time I make it.  Squeeze the juice in, zest the lemon, but I’m not going to risk the bitterness of the pith next time.  And there WILL BE  next time.

I did alter the recipe that you will find if you press the link above.  I used 16 ounces of beer instead of twelve and decreased the amount of water by half a cup to compensate.

(But I really liked the potatoes.  And the corn.  And the sausage.  And the shrimp)

This recipe was definitely Muffin Approved because he kept asking for shrimp to be peeled.  He also liked the bread (French bread from WalMart baked in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes).  I dipped my bread in the broth from the boil, but I think I’m the only one that liked it that way.  Josh liked it, too, but he said he liked last night’s honey garlic chicken better.

For dessert, we ate a slice of the Paula Deen Banana Bread I made while Muffin was napping.  My one issue with the recipe is that it called for one loaf pan, but the contents didn’t all fit (once the baking began) in my standard-size loaf pan.  At forty-five minutes, the uncooked batter started spewing over one side and out of the pan.

This was another Muffin and Josh Approved recipe.  I didn’t really like it that much, but Muffin called it “A Muffin full of stuffin’…just like me!” and ate the rest of my piece.  I substituted semi-sweet chocolate chips (around 3/4 cup) for the optional nuts.

I’m trying to make more than one new recipe a day to offset the not-new 2-ingredient pizza dough pizza for Friday.

How is your work progressing with the challenge?

Muffin Approved


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