Thoughtful Thursday: Random Thoughts and Random Times

Thoughtful ThursdayI often find myself having really really random thoughts at really really random times:  driving to work (usually I’m too frazzled and frizzled to have random thoughts on my way home from work), as I’m heading to sleep (right on the cusp of did I think that or dream that?), or at 2 A.M. after I wake up for some reason and can’t get back to sleep.

Some of the thoughts are useful:  recipe/meal plan ideas, ideas for work, fun ideas for Muffin, etc.  Some are oops, I need to remember to take care of that thoughts, such as remembering about bills, work obligations, and adding to the mental to-do list that is never as successful as a written to-do list.

As we approach standardized testing at work (had a slew of tests given–based on the ACT–on Tuesday with Phase 1 of LEAP and ACT next Tuesday), a lot of my random thoughts tend to focus on testing.  Yesterday, on the way to work, as I was meticulously consuming enough calories in such a way as to hopefully not crash before lunch (sausage biscuits with the homemade sausage from Sunday, a banana, and a cookie), I thought, “I wonder if anyone has thought about the fact that the 8th grade–the one group of middle schoolers that will be testing next Tuesday–needs to have breakfast after the bell rings to begin the day?  I need to remind someone about that.”  This ensures that 1) our 8th graders eat breakfast right before the big test, the one that determines whether they spend next year in 8th grade or 9th grade and 2) that we have the opportunity to pick up the secure testing materials.

I’ve also had random thoughts (again, usually on the way to work) lately about the standardized testing packets to make for the students I will be testing.  I will have a testing group on Tuesday (surprise!) as well as a different testing group in April when we test for the remainder of LEAP as well as iLEAP.

Sometimes the random thoughts are just that:  random bits of nothing.  That cloud looks like a birdbath.

Oh, and one very successful random thought (2 years later):  Muffin is enjoying the Poop Bucket.  After a successful #2 in the potty Tuesday, he received a balloon blowing up kit, and his dad made him a sword with one.  After a successful one yesterday, he received a water gun.  He hasn’t quite realized that it’s a WATER gun, and I’m not going to tell him quite yet.  🙂  We might win the potty training battle yet.

We have actually had to replenish the poop bucket.  Our Target trip on Sunday, the one with the bombshell, was spent trying to ask Muffin his suggestions for poop prizes.  Some of his recent additions are below.

What random thoughts have you enjoyed lately?


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