We Plan Wednesday: What Happens to Party Plans When Muffin Throws You Through a Curve

We Plan Wednesday

Remember a while back when I was so excited because I had (mostly) planned Muffin’s party because he had requested a “Thomas Party”?  Yah, I remember those lovely days as well.

Maybe I should begin at the beginning.

In planning for our trip to Canada last year by train, Josh and I had decided to hold back one of Muffin’s birthday gifts (an iPOD) to give to Muffin on the trip.  Once it arrived at our house, Josh and I worked busily (yes, I who do not speak “i” or “apple” or “Mac”) to fill it with Muffin-fun activities.  Josh went through the free television show episodes and loaded some that he thought Muffin would find interesting.

One of them was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Muffin as the “blue one.” (Leonardo???)

Josh was a fan when he was young.  I was…not.  One of the neighbor kids was when I was young, and I was friends with him.  I tried…really tried…to like the Ninja Turtles.  Really.  I did.  I promise.

Consider an iPOD fully loaded with stuff including TMNT episodes as a ticking time bomb if you will.  A game of Russian roulette with TMNT episodes being the one bullet in the chamber.  The sands in the hourglass drifting slowly down to your doom.  Especially if you really really REALLY do not like the Ninja Turtles.


Last week, I entered his room to find him watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on his iPOD.  He had never watched them before, no matter how Josh had nudged him to watch them.  And, he was obsessed from that point.


Flash forward to Sunday.  We are strolling along in Target when my ever-so-precocious son drops his bombshell.  “Mama, I want a Mimja Turdle party!”

I stopped, dead, right outside of the bedroom linens section of Target.  “You’re joking, right?”

“No, Mama.  I want a Mimja Turdle party!”

I look over at Josh; okay, I glared over at Josh, sending the silent message of “This is all your fault.”

And still, I try to reason with him using my most reasonable patient tone.  “You mean you want a Thomas party, right?”  I did mention that I had the party pretty much planned, didn’t I?

Muffin shakes his head.  Vehemently.  “No.  Mama.  Mimja Turdles!”

At this point, I give up all pretense, and am starting to inwardly panic because I see what looks like a former coworker and friend of mine down the aisle at Target, and I desperately don’t want her to witness my epic fail at parenting.  “How about a Despicable Me party?  Mama can make Twinkie Minions!?!?”


She’s coming closer by now and recognizes the three of us.  “Thomas party, right?  You meant a Thomas party.  Didn’t you?”  By this time, I’m smiling maniacally at said friend and former coworker and speaking between clenched teeth to Muffin in a (slightly) high-pitched whispering shriek.

“I want a Mimja Turdle party!”

So, my mind goes into hyper drive immediately.  It focuses, oddly enough, on drink options at the party.  As I’m talking to the former coworker and trying to remain upbeat at the bombshell Muffin dropped, I’m thinking if I use different colors of Hawaiian Punch and name it with a new label after each of the characters, orange for the orange one, red for the red one, blue for the blue one…what are their names again?  who is who?  Pinterest.  Pinterest.  Pinterest.  Pinterest.  Is it rude to Pinterest in the middle of Target while talking with a former coworker and friend?

Somehow, I made it through the conversation with my friend (who I’m sure will grill me about this conversation when we meet for dinner next week) on auto-pilot while my mind scurried in the party planning directions.  Menu.  Activities.  Decor.  Goody bags.  Josh is so going to have to help plan.

We went to look at Ninja Turtle toys.  I think by this point I was muttering to myself.  By the way, and this is completely off topic, but which childless sadist decided it would be appropriate to make nunchucks to swing around to sell as toys for children?  Seriously, who?  Because on Monday (another trip to Target), Muffin decided to try them out.  Because Michelangelo (the orange one) is Muffin’s favorite.  And he carries…wait for it…nunchucks.  So Muffin has decided that he needs nunchucks.

But onward in the party planning melee that continued that afternoon.

We return home from Target, and I headed immediately for my laptop.  Pinterest.  Search for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party.  A pin-splosion, thank goodness, because I didn’t think I would be able to find anything.  In the forty-eight hours since, I have narrowed it down to the following (with Josh’s sometimes unwilling help):


  • Pepperoni Pizza (literally the only fact that I remembered about Ninja Turtles from my childhood…that and there were four turtles)
  • Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting and green sprinkles (thank goodness for St. Pat’s Day being now) and retro Ninja Turtle cupcake toppers
  • green punch and root beer decorated like Splinter (still kinda hazy on who he is)
  • Donatello’s Bo (pretzel rods)
  • Leonardo’s celery swords
  • Hot-headed Raphael’s Hot Tamales (the candy)
  • carrot sticks (haven’t found anything cutesy for them yet, but they are Muffin’s favorite)
  • Nunchucks (Michelangelo):  swiss cake rolls with Twizzler pull-n-peel for the chains
  • Sewer lid Oreo cookies


  • decorate ninja stars (Josh has been volunteered to make several because I never learned this paper-folding feat)
  • ninja star throwing contest (involving a hula hoop and the decorated stars)
  • pin the mask on the turtle (downloadable pdf file)
  • balloon play
  • masks/shells for the attendees to wear


  • green/lime green tablescape
  • balloons:  green, purple, orange, red, blue
  • banner (purchased on clearance from Target)
  • TMNT saying signs (Cowabunga, etc.)

Goody Bags/Boxes

I am trying to decide between pizza boxes or goody bags (green lunch sacks with orange, purple, red, or blue strips of paper with googly eyes on them).  It really depends if I can find a source for pizza boxes that doesn’t require me to buy a huge amount.  I do hope to label them with each person’s ninja name.

  • Turtle Shells (Reese’s peanut butter cups in a labeled baggie)
  • Smoke Bombs (green Sixlets)
  • Stickers (purchased on clearance from Target)
  • color sheets/dot-to-dot
  • Turtle Power Pops (dum-dums)
  • green glow bracelets
  • homemade ooze (possibly)

For a slightly psychotically detailed look at TMNT parties, check out my Pinterest board.  It also has the pin that explains how to spell everyone’s ninja name.

My sister can usually tell what’s going on in my life in one of three ways.  By phone (either with my mom or me).  By the blog.  Or by my Pinterest activity.

When I called to tell her about the two-ingredient pizza dough, I asked if Mom had told her that there wouldn’t be a Thomas party.  Her response was something like, “No, but I could tell it was going to be a Ninja Turtles party from your Pinterest pins.”

Ah, the glory of social media.  It leads to family togetherness on so many levels.

This post is an homage to the wonder of the Pinteresting Blogosphere.  Thank you for saving my skin–er–shell.

If you have ever hosted a TMNT party, let me know by dropping me a line below.


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