Meal Plan Monday: Pizza on Sunday?

The meal plan got completely out of whack this week.  I’ll wait while you wade through the slang and atrocious grammar of that sentence.  The rotisserie-style Crock Pot chicken has been pushed to tomorrow, and the two-ingredient pizza dough did not happen on Friday.  Grrr.  Two Fridays in a row when that new experiment was planned, and it simply didn’t happen.  Pout.

I think Josh was starting to wonder why the Greek yogurt was in the fridge.  Maybe I better begin at the beginning.

Once upon a time, I was searching through recipes and I wandered as I always do into uncharted territory.  Somehow I found this lovely recipe blog, the Slow Roasted Italian.  Trust me, these people speak my language, which is food.  Every variety of buffalo chicken you can imagine.  Every variety of pizza you can imagine in every derivation.  After my bookmarks became even more bloated with recipe bookmarks (from that site alone), I came upon one (a recent one) that intrigued me:  2-Ingredient Pizza Dough.

Josh has a pizza dough that he found on the site-formerly-known-as-Recipezaar that is beyond scrumptious.  It also has to be risen in a warm environment for a very VERY long time.  It uses honey.  It’s good.  When it’s not the summer and you don’t mind waiting half the day.  Truthfully, it’s worth it.

Let me just say this:  I am NOT a fan of thin crust pizza.  My mom loves it.  My sister and brother-in-law crave it.  But I like my dough chewy.

That said, there are times when a recipe comes around that transforms your life.  Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  A given.  Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies.  Check.  Grandma Benson’s Dinner Rolls from Pennies and Pancakes.  The sausage recipe from the-site-formerly-known-as-Recipezaar.  Dining on a Dime‘s Crepe recipe.  I can feel the breeze from the Celiac among you shaking your heads in dismay.  I get that.  Most of those recipes, save one, are very pro-gluten.  But not too high in dairy-pain.

I apologize for that tangent, but this recipe meets the hallowed halls of recipes-of-life-transformations.  Although, my poor Kitchen Aid paddle attachment finally bit the dust (the coating chipped off to the point that bad things happened in the process of making the dough).  😦  There may have been tears.  Sniff Sniff.

Key things to note:  Make sure that when you are making a recipe involving an ingredient you (never) seldom use (like Greek yogurt), that you have the correct amount and don’t have to send your husband to the grocery store on an emergency trip.  That may have happened tonight.

Next time I may use the honey Greek yogurt (at least for part of the yogurt component) because the yummy Josh crust calls for honey and it makes it yummy (especially since we use local honey).

The two ingredients are:  (drumroll please)

1 1/2 cups self-rising flour (or, if you are me, 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 1/2 cups baking powder, and 3/4 teaspoon salt)

8 ounces (that’s one cup) plain Greek yogurt (This will probably take more than one single-serve container)

Place yogurt in stand mixer.  Plop in one cup self-rising flour (or your homemade variation).  Turn on mixer to a speed that won’t send flour all over the kitchen.  By now you should know your mixer.  Hopefully your paddle attachment hasn’t been injured irreparably.  Sniff!

Add more flour if necessary (Mine took the full amount) until it creates a very stiff dough. Turn up to four or five-ish and let the paddle knead the dough for five minutes.  Stop if it looks like metal streaks are appearing in the dough.  Metal streaks are not good eats.  There is a reason I didn’t take pictures of the dough.  Just sayin’.

When the dough looks beat down and turned around, scrape it from the paddle.  Check carefully for metallic streaks.

Either roll the dough into one big pizza-shaped blob or divide to make smaller pizzas.  I divided it to make four very organically-shaped pizza blobs.  (Yah.  Rolling it out round didn’t happen.  It had even gone beyond Pioneer Woman’s classification of “rustic”)  By the way, if you don’t have a stand mixer (or you have to wait to have the paddle attachment replaced…sniff), someone with very strong arm muscles needs to bring the dough together as mentioned above and then knead the dough by hand for five minutes.  And then that person will hopefully be convinced to buy you a stand mixer.  That activity serves several purposes, no?

I rolled the dough very thin, which led to very crisp pizza dough on the edges.  Almost cracker-like.

The Slow Roasted Italian (see links above) mentions several yummy variations of which I want to try all, especially the breadsticks and the dessert pizzas.

Here is what we did:

2 organically-shaped (amoeba-shaped) pizza dough blobs became pineapple and Canadian bacon.  One was Muffin’s.  One belonged to the parents of Muffin.  (Ragu spaghetti sauce and shredded mozzarella were also included)

1 became a taco pizza:  salsa as the base sauce, then taco meat (leftover), shredded sharp cheddar, diced onion and tomato, and sliced green olives.

1 became a new take on the Marguerita:  pesto from Sam’s as the base, shredded mozzarella, and thin slices of Roma tomato.

Bake at 450 until brown and crispy on the edges (for me, longer than the 10-12 minutes recommended) on an oiled cookie sheet.  Don’t worry if dough bubbles start to appear, it’s all okay.

Muffin liked his Hawaiian.  I liked all three, and Josh’s favorite was “the pesto one,” as he called it.

Notice I didn’t mention any rising time because THERE ISN’T ANY!

I might have taken a bite (or two) from the Marguerita before remembering to snap a photo.

The taco. A perfect use of leftovers.

There may not be a picture of the Hawaiian because it may have gotten eaten before a shot could be snapped.  Just possibly.  But I’m not sure about that. (Whistles oh-so-innocently)

This has (if you’re not me and too fussy about topping masterpieces for my own good) all the makings of a 30-minute meal.  It also helps if you make sure you have the correct amount of ingredients so that you don’t have to send your husband to Brookshire’s to make it an hour-and-a-half meal.

But, here is what you are really here for.

Monday:  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.  Attempt #3 at the Crock-Pot Rotisserie Chicken with green veg, I think, as well as roasted potatoes

Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday

Wednesday:  Spaghetti with souped up pasta sauce (Ragu with a smattering of pesto and maybe some hamburger meat, I dunno), salad

Thursday:  Breaky for dinner (maybe pancakes and bacon)

Friday:  pizza quesadillas (or 2-ingredient pizza dough pizza or Texas toast pizza…some form of pizza y’know?)

Saturday:  Crock Pot Ranch Pork Chops (the Pinteresting Blogosphere favorite); my mom made it Sunday, and my sister started the family craze

Sunday:  Barbecue Chicken/Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches on Grandma Benson’s Rolls (made into hamburger buns) from Pennies and Pancakes; I will probably have to make barbecue chicken for Muffin (and possibly Josh) although I may just say Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and that’s it.  I’m going to actually prepare the sauce for it and add it to the left-over chicken from Monday (that I picked and froze).  My goal is to make and freeze stock from the bones the night after I make the chicken and make a soup with some of the remaining chicken (possibly Chicken Tortilla Soup soon).

Remember that I’ll be linking up to OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

What are you planning this week?


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