We Plan Wednesday: Planning for Standardized Testing

We Plan WednesdayYes.  That time of year is drawing near.  High-stakes standardized testing.  If you are not American, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you are and you do, I can hear you groan out loud from here.

For the past several years, I have been making a care package for my testing group.  My motives are not completely altruistic, as you will see from some of the items.  I usually include the following:

2 wood pencils per day with pencil top erasers

1 mechanical pencil

big pink eraser

pencil sharpener (so they don’t have to get out of their seat to sharpen their pencils and it’s quieter than the actual pencil sharpener)

5 Kleenexes per day (so that they don’t have to get out of their seat to get a tissue)

2 pieces of gum daily (one for morning, and one for afternoon)

5 peppermint candies daily (to inhibit coughing)

Recently, I received in my mailbox at school a catalogue with standardized testing incentives.  Yes, people are making money on standardized testing incentives.  I’m not sure what kind of commentary that makes on our times.  I have to admit that I was hooked with some of them.  Pencils, T-shirts (yes, some schools must not have a budget to worry about), and stickers that say “Rock the test” or “You are a testing star.”  Candy packages with cute motivational and inspirational settings, like “You’re a smart cookie” on a package containing a cookie.  So, I decided to compile a list of possibilities to include for extra goodies for my testing group (as of now, I don’t know who I am testing).

I used the catalogue as inspiration but also the Pinteresting Blogosphere (you had to know that was coming).

Rock the Test (attach a package of Pop Rocks or a stick of rock candy)

I’m a Test-Taking Star! (Starburst candy)

Be a Smartie or Smarties Know How to Prepare for Tests (Attach a roll of Smarties)

To Give You the “Write” Attitude for Testing or Be Sharp for the Test (pencil)

Remember Not to Get Stuck on Hard Questions (sticker)

Keep a Grip on Test Stress (pencil grip)

Score Your Best on the Test (an incentive basketball game after the test)

Be a Motivated and Magnificient Test Taker (M&Ms)

Be a Fin-Tastic Test Taker (goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish)

For a Burst of Energy on Your Test (Starburst or Kool-Aid Bursts)

Be a Smart Cookie (cookie)

Don’t Let Tests Twist Your Mind (pretzels, licorice twists)

Relax!  Don’t Go Bananas at Test Time! (banana)

Doing My Best Is Beary Important (gummi bears, Teddy Grahams)

Pawsitive Test Taker (Paws incentive bucks)

Make a Commit-mint to Do Your Best on the Test (mints)

I Stay Cool at Test Time (mints)

I Use Good Manage-mint of My Time (mints)

Keep a Sweet Attitude at Test Time (any candy)

Have the Right Equip-mint (mints)

Aim for Achieve-mint at Test Time (mints)

I Give Myself Encourage-mint at Test Time (mints)

I Am Refreshed for the Test (a bottle of water with a drink powder packet)

Good Luck Smartie Pants (roll of smarties)

Orange You Glad Testing Is Over?  (orange slices candy or an orange)

Eraser wrapped up in paper like candy

You’re No Air-Head.  Use Your Brain and Do Your Best Today (Airheads candy)

Push Yourself to Do Your Best (Push Pop)

Kiss Those Testing Jitters Goodbye (Hershey’s kisses)

Blow That Test Away (Blow Pop/gum/bubbles to blow after the test)

It’s Cool to Be a Nerd (Nerds)–my personal favorite!

Show ’em How You Roll (Tootsie Rolls or Rollos)

I’m “Rootin'” for You! (root beer barrels or a root beer)

Toss Away Test Anxiety (paper airplane–writing down the worries on the airplane and throwing it away)

It’s Time to Show off the Mounds of Learning in Your Head! (Mounds)


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