Thoughtful Thursday: How Intentional Blogging Has Made Me More Aware and Introspective

Thoughtful ThursdayIntentional blogging, these planned themed posts for each day, has really helped me in other facets of my life.  Aside from house neatness and organization (and classroom neatness and organization), I really am type-A OCD about compartmentalizing and categorizing.  Having a day set aside for each blogging theme has shed a lot of light on how I feel about certain things and how I organize certain facets of my life.

I now think about things that happen in my day-to-day life as material for future blog posts (and have a running file on my computer of future Funny Muffin Friday posts).  I try now to take pictures of everything that I might need for posts and mourn the missed photographic opportunities.  There have been so many times when I have sat down to write a post and have thought, “If only I had taken a shot of that” or “I need a photograph of this, but I don’t have it.”

I’m more aware now of how precious life’s moments are.  Each smile of Muffin’s is a reminder of how fast he is growing up.  Each chronicled milestone of his life reminds me that he’s not a little baby anymore.

The blog and date night have kind of become the chicken-and-egg conundrum.  Yes, the blog existed (sort of) before I came up with the idea of the weekly date night, but I cannot stress how much one depends on the other.  Call it symbiosis, call it parasitic, but date night provides fodder for the blog (in addition to being a great way for Josh and I to connect and have fun), and the blog keeps me focused on ensuring date night happens and provides a record of its happening.

Every tweak in a recipe that I make now I try to write down so that I can put it on the blog.  Every new recipe I try to photograph although I’m not as successful as Ree Drummond is at photographing every step of the recipe.

But the blog does something internally for me.  I’ve been guilty until very recently of “surface living,” a lot of going through the motions and not stopping to smell the roses.  And writing for the blog (and reading other blogs) has made me realize that.  So, now I am not only more intentional in blogging; I’m more intentional in living.


What do you think?

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