Meal Plan Monday: Yearly Meal Planning?

Meal Plan Monday

Yes, you read that correctly.  I have a calendar I use to plan out the meals for the year.  Do I plan out every supper main dish for the year?  Uh, no.  But I have found it very effective to get some meals carved in stone (or at least written on the calendar) sometimes months in advance.

These are the meals for special days.  Here is the special calendar page with the dates filled in for March:

For March, I have planned out the following:

March 1:  (Date of Krewe of Gemini parade–we won’t be going because Josh is on call) meatball subs

March 4 (Mardi Gras):  Natchitoches meat pies, vegetable sticks
March 5 (Ash Wednesday):  sandwiches
March 7:  Fish on Friday
March 9:  slow cooker red beans and rice
March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day):  cabbage roll casserole
March 20 (Spring Begins):  start of spring tea
For April, I have planned out the following:
April 1 (April Fool’s Day):  Backwards dinner (starting with dessert and working backwards)
April 20 (Easter):  Easter dinner
April 22 (Earth Day):  leftovers/”recycled” food
April 26:  Muffin’s birthday dinner out (Chuck E Cheese maybe)
For May, I have planned out the following:
May 5 (Cinco de Mayo):  tacos with handmade tortillas, chips and salsa, beans and rice, “fried” ice cream
May 11 (Mother’s Day):  Josh prepares dinner/dinner out
May 18:  birthday dinner for Daddy
May 24 (May Two-Four Weekend):  hot dogs
For June, I have planned out the following:
June 15 (Father’s Day):  Josh’s choice
June 18 (International Picnic Day, according to the calendar):  have a picnic in the backyard (or living room floor if raining)
June 21 (Summer begins):  grilling
For July I have planned out the following:
July 4:  Patriotic holiday celebration (since we will probably be returning from Canada on Canada Day):  Burger Bar with chips/ice cream bar
For August, I have planned out the following:
August 3 (Friendship Day):  tea party
For September, I have planned out the following
September 7 (Grandparent’s Day and the weekend after my mom’s birthday):  dinner for Mom’s birthday
September 23 (Autumn begins):  slow cooker roast with root veg
September 25 (my youngest nephew’s birthday):  in his honor, mac-n-cheese for dinner (his fave)
For October, I have planned out the following:
October 13:  Canadian Thanksgiving (turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, relish veg, rolls, Nanaimo bars, and butter tart bars)
October 14-15:  Canadian Thanksgiving leftovers
October 16:  dinner out for my birthday
October 23 (beginning of the State Fair–have never been):  State Fair type goodies
For November, I have planned out the following:

November 2 (daylight savings time ends–gotta get the pun on this one):  slow cooker meal:  chicken in cream

November 27: Thanksgiving dinner…duh!
November 28 (and beyond hopefully):  Thanksgiving leftovers
For December, I have planned out the following:
December 3:  Josh’s birthday dinner out
December 6:  decorate the tree (snacky foods–maybe another cheese board?  🙂 )
December 7 (Pear Harbor Remembrance Day):  sweet and sour pork (or chicken)
December 13 (my oldest nephew’s birthday):  chicken n’dumplins using my sister’s recipe (that my nephew makes pretty much on his own)
December 21 (first day of winter):  chili
December 22:  frito pie
December 23-24 (present opening at home and at mom and dad’s):  snacky stuff
December 31 (New Year’s Eve fiesta):  fajitas, ice cream bar, leftover Christmas goodies, beans, Spanish rice

So, that’s the year’s special menus all planned out–a year’s worth of menus–sort of.  Regardless, it helps to have a not completely blank menu staring you in the face if you are going to be planning out the menu a month at a time.  And it helps to have an idea of what you are serving or doing for special days.

But here’s what everyone came for:  the weekly meal plan.  It’s actually changed quite a bit from what I had intended at the first of the month.  Originally, instead of ham on Sunday (yesterday), baked chicken was planned.  But we needed the lunch meat for the week (and the ham bone for the beans).  So here goes.

Sunday:  baked ham, sweet potatoes, biscuits, green beans
Monday:  red beans and rice (off for President’s Day so I could babysit it a bit better)
Tuesday:  chicken fried rice (Josh grilled some chicken after smoking the ham and I prepped the veggies on Sunday when I prepped the veggies for the red beans and rice)
Wednesday:  leftover red beans and rice
Thursday:  leftovers or sandwiches
Friday:  pizza in some form
Saturday:  Centaur parade and we hope to go:  meatball subs from Subway
Sunday:  tourtierre, green veg, and gravy (I will be posting the recipe for tourtierre after I make it, but for now enjoy this snapshot of the one at Christmas Eve…the R is for Muffin’s real name or for revellion pie (another name for it)

I am linking up at “I’m an Organizing Junkie”‘s Menu Plan Monday.

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