Date Night Log: The Valentine’s Day Dates

Date Night Log

Date Night 07: Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 14, 2014, and Saturday, February 15, 2014

If you’ve read the Summary Sunday, you know that Valentine’s Day did not go well at Chez LFam. So, Josh tried to make things better by watching a movie and “relaxing on the couch,” in this case Bourne Supremacy, which did help relax us both.

Then, there was the vaunted ValDay date (actually scheduled for date night) on Saturday. That was the wine-and-beer-cheese-tasting-board-with-extras. A few mishaps to note: I ran out of space on the groaning cheese board (perhaps my favorite example of personification ever!), and I had recommended that Josh place one of his beers in the freezer to cool it down faster. Ummm. I didn’t realize that beer could freeze. Note to self: the alky content of beer is at such a low level that it will freeze.

But this was probably the most successful date night ever! At least on the food front. It was a Muffin-and-us date (I couldn’t let one of my valentines not be included) on the food end of things. Muffin actually ate quite a bit of what he was offered. Even for a non-picky eater, I was pleasantly surprised. He refused the salami (which I know he loves) and the brie (which he tried and hated). He loved drizzling honey over his creations, though. He ate most of the pear that we set out (that Josh had sliced) and quite a bit of apple. And the grapes. No surprises there.

They both liked the black-veined Cahill cheddar with porter (which I had my doubts about but I think looks just like a leaded stained-glass window). Of all of the cheeses, I even think it was my least favorite. Josh wasn’t fond of the grana padano (the parmesan-like cheese that I knifed shavings off of) by itself as a cheese board component, but he agreed that it would be good grated on Italian dishes. I thought it was fabulous, especially with the mixed nuts (in front in the board in the cupcake liners) and the sliced crystallized ginger which added a peppery warmth (as did the Pinot Noir that the person at Fresh by Brookshire’s recommended). Josh and Muffin liked the heart-shaped (yes, I used the canape cutter again!) Tyson Honey BBQ chicken slices; I wasn’t very fond of them. That was the recommendation of the stocker at Wal-Mart; it must be a man thing to like it. I loved the rosemary chive flat bread, another Fresh purchase. Josh and I both agreed it was awesome with the brie with cranberries on top and drizzled with honey. (We did a lot of drizzling with honey) The hands-down favorite, though, was the super creamy gouda (too soft even for the cheese plane, even fresh out of the fridge). Muffin and Josh enjoyed their plain pimiento-stuffed olives, and I loved my blue cheese ones. I tried to match up the suggested wine and cheese pairings and enjoyed a half-glass each of $3 Sauvignon Blanc (from Wal-Mart) that had a cork in it with a screw-top (much more expensive, comparatively) Pinot Noir. Muffin really liked the tiny toasts (as did we all) and the Ritz Everything crackers (he had to make cracker sandwiches which is what happens when he has a Lunchable or a homemade lunchable). Muffin didn’t touch the string cheese brooms (something he usually loves and that I included as a “safe choice” for him—I guess he was enjoying himself too much on the other choices).

The wine selection (Muffin had ginger ale, and Josh had water because his beer was frozen) for the dinner course.

Muffin reaching for more goodies on the groaning board.

My plate…after some sampling…notice that I had appropriated custody of the blue cheese (upper right corner). The nibble on the far left was the rosemary and chive flatbread with brie and cranberries drizzled with honey.

By the way, the contents of the little containers with knives in the front part are orange marmalade (great with the mini toasts), IKEA ligonberry preserves (also great with roasted meat), and honey (of the aforementioned drizzles). The other little container, the blue cheese, made its way off of the tray and into the area of my plate. Yes, I am obsessed.

I should have taken a picture of how the tray was left after we finished grazing, but there really wasn’t that much left. Half of the brie with cranberries was gone (and the heart shape on top was pretty much obliterated). All of the grana padano and gouda that I put out was gone. Two of the nuts cups were gone.

Then, came the dessert plates. I had picked up some of the SweetTarts conversation hearts at Wal-Mart and used them to decorate the dessert plates. Muffin requested ten chocolate-dipped strawberries (I gave him four, and he ate one). Josh and I ate three a piece, but all three of us kept sneaking conversation hearts from the bag. I should note that during the build up to Valentine’s Day season, I could not find bags of the hearts. Only on the day afterward could I find them.  I also drank a glass of the recommended rose bubbly wine that one of the Freshies at Fresh had recommended for the strawberries.  Josh liked that one a bit better which alleviated my guilt over offering him the Pinot Noir (that he almost spit out).  He really isn’t a wine person (other than Proseco rarely and Moscato sometimes).

Josh’s dessert plate.

As I said in the Summary Sunday post, I was so drowsy from the yummy food that I fell asleep (in a warm glow) halfway through Bourne Ultimatum, so I have no idea what happened. (I plan on watching the rest as soon as I finish this post)

My wonderful Valentine!

All in all, date night was a success, perhaps the most successful yet. So, the goal is probably to plan each date six weeks in advance.


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