Cent Saving Saturday: Buying in Bulk and the Week’s Deals

Cent Saving SaturdayI love Sam’s.  If we had a local Costco, I would probably be saying “I love Costco,” as well.  There is something theraputic about about seeing big packages of things I use all the time.  Yes, sometimes it would be cheaper to play the drugstore game and roll over savings with coupons, but I would only do that if I already had a backup supply of certain items.

There are certain things I try to keep one unopened package of at all times.

Paper products:  These are things you don’t want to discover that you are out of.  They don’t expire.  They don’t go bad as long as they are properly stored.  Paper towels (Imagine if you have every dishrag in the house in the wash and your lovely little one spills red juice everywhere.  And you’ve just used the last paper towel.  Need I say more?), toilet paper (I’ll let your mind go there by itself.), kleenex, foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper.  I believe in having at least a month’s supply of the first two on hand at all times.  I can deal if we get low on the kleenex because you can use toilet tissue in a pinch (which is what Muffin did earlier today).  I buy the restaurant supply rolls of plastic wrap and foil at Sam’s, though.  We also buy our baggies at Sam’s.  As my mom once said about the boxes of baggies at Sam’s…”When I have this, I feel rich.”  If you are going to practice freezer cooking, you are going to want lots of baggies.  If you buy big packages of meat that you want in smaller packages (chicken breasts, etc.), you are going to want lots of baggies.

Embarrassing hygiene products:  I used to be the girl that sent her parents out to buy hygiene products–especially my dad who collected the coupons for the family.  As I’ve gotten more confident, I now buy a year’s supply at Sam’s.  One package will do ‘ya for the year.  Diapers and wipes.  Same thing.  You really (and may I stress REALLY) don’t want to run out of those.

Now on to less embarrassing options.

Spices/baking:  I buy the following in bulk at Sam’s:  black peppercorns (We go through a lot of these), chili powder, paprika, cumin (you know, the big three of chili seasoning and taco seasoning), cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dried minced onion, bouillon cubes (chicken and beef), cinnamon, gravy mix powder, ground ginger, sesame seeds, parsley flakes, basil leaves, oregano, cornstarch, and brown sugar.  Some of these I’m getting dangerously low on and will have to be replenished soon.


Condiments/Snacks:  granola bars (although I’ve thought about making my own), oats, whole pickles, bread and butter pickles, green olives, relish (Did you know you can buy it a gallon at a time at Sam’s? We split a gallon with my mom.  We go through a lot of relish.), fruit snacks (although Josh’s eating of these has slowed down considerably), jelly beans, ketchup (We don’t buy it from Sam’s, but I purchased 30 bottles last year for 29 cents each at a sale at Albertson’s.  I hope it lasts to April.  We go through a lot of ketchup), and blue cheese crumbles.

Yes, Muffin’s shirt says “I put ketchup on my ketchup.” His dad has one just like it.

Cleaning supplies:  baking soda, dishwasher tabs, Lysol spray, toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol or Clorox wipes, and vinegar.

Here are the week’s deals that I’m interested in:


Pineapple 99 cents

Kroger Veg, canned beans and canned tomatoes 10/$5, limit 10 with $10 additional purchase

seedless mandarins 3 lb. $3.99

Kroger Butter, 16 oz. 2/$4

Pears, 99 cents/lb.


Tomatoes, 88 cents/lb

Hawaiian Punch, gallon and 6 pk/10oz bottles, $1.88

Kraft 8 oz cheese, $1.97


Ambrosia or Pink Lady apples $1.29/lb

Grape Tomatoes 2/$4


2 lb. Package of strawberries $3.99

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.68/lb.

Boneless pork loin 1.99/lb.

Honeysuckle White 93% FF ground turkey 1.2 lb. Pkg. BOGO (depending on how much it is)

Chicken of the Sea chunk white albacore tuna 88 cents limit 6

Albertson’s Mixing Alcohol $5.99

Red Onions 98 cents/lb.

What do you try to buy in bulk?


What do you think?

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