Funny Muffin Friday: I Am Boybot Pea Oach Aye

Funny Muffin Friday

Muffin often says things that are indecipherable.  Even now.  Until recently, he used to say “I am boybot.  P-Och-I” in a stilted robot voice, and we had no clue what it meant.  By the way, he said P (like pea, or more crudely pee) Och (to rhyme with roach) I (eye).  For over a year, Josh and I tried to figure out what he meant.  (Seriously, this about drove both of us nuts)

Seriously.  Over.  A.  Year.

And he wouldn’t tell us where it came from.  I felt like I was in a perpetual game of Mad Gab (trying to figure out what he was saying from something he had heard and trying to figure out where he heard it).

Then, one day, a couple of weeks ago, Josh was home with Muffin during one of his off-but-on-call days, and they were watching Backyardigans.  One of the robot episodes came on–the one where that has little evil things in the screws.  The robots say “All systems A-OK.”  Muffin immediately said, “I am boybot.  P-Och-I.”  Lightbulb!  Eureka!  So, in Muffin-Mad-Gab-speak “All systems A-OK=I am Boybot.  P-Och-I.”

He does still say “P-Och-I” quite a bit.  But it’s so much better (less frustrating) now that we know where it comes from and what it means.

Has your little boybot or girlbot ever said anything Mad Gab-ish?  Let me know by dropping me a line below!


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