We Plan Wednesday: Planning the House Party Party

We Plan WednesdayI recently won the right to host a House Party to celebrate the release of one of my favorite author’s new books:  Joanne Fluke‘s Blackberry Pie Murder.  I am so so so so excited about it!

With a House Party house party, they send you a kit to complete everything you need for the party.  The kit is to include cookies, tea sachets (so much more elegant than saying tea bags), recipe cards, copies of her most recent books, and other extras to hold the party.  I plan on making her chocolate covered cherry cookies (from Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder), the fudge cupcakes (from Fudge Cupcake Murder), her chocolate chip crunch cookies (from Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder), her key lime pie (from Key Lime Pie Murder), and hopefully the blackberry pie (from Blackberry Pie Murder).  I hope to also serve some of her appy type recipes from some of the other books as well as coffee (Swedish plasma) and soft drinks and milk (and maybe hot cocoa if it is cold enough).  I’m extremely excited because yesterday at Fresh by Brookshire’s I finally found some raspberry pancake syrup that the fudge cupcakes require.

The House Party people recommend playing Bingo to win some of the copies of the books (and include the Bingo cards on the website).  I plan to decorate with copies of her books that I have and some of the decorations they have on the website.

We probably will also do book readings of Blackberry Pie Murder, and I’m thinking of making a word search with important words for the series (character and place names, recipe titles, etc.).

I’m still trying to think of ideas for the gift bags and favors.  The party is scheduled for March 1st in the afternoon.

By the way, my kit is expected to arrive today, so I will know more of what I’m working with.

Have you ever hosted a House Party party?  How did it go?


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