I Broke the Rules of Date Night…and Do the Actors in the Bourne Movies Have Huge Noses?

Date Night Log

Saturday I really wasn’t feeling date night.  Also, Josh was on call so that calls for flexible date night.  Shocker, I know.  After six hours in the car with Muffin and being lost for part of that time, I honestly wanted to just go to bed.  So, I gathered up stuff for a movie night.  Since I had chosen one of my favorites for movie night last time (the date to replace that will forever be known as “hot” date night, thanks to my BFF co-worker Sherry who came up with the positive spin on it after I told her about it this past week) My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I chose one of his movies.  The Bourne Identity.  Now, I’m not the biggest fan of action movies.  I am starting to have an appreciation for James Bond after Skyfall.  I’m also not the biggest Matt Damon fan.  But I decided to put on my big girl pants and watch it with Josh.  I had bought all three movies for him a couple of years ago when (for the Black-Thursday-and-Friday sale) Wal-Mart had them on sale like super cheap.  I’m usually in charge of “manning” the DVD area during that sale, but that’s another story.

He popped some popcorn and poured us some lemon-lime pop to share, and I gathered one of our Godiva candy bars that I had purchased from our last Dallas trip (on sale!):  the caramel-filled one.  The sad thing is (or the happy thing for us) is that even with the most expensive component of the date (the Godiva candy bar), all of the date together cost less than it would have had for one movie ticket on a Saturday night at the theater (much less a second ticket, candy, popcorn, and pop).  And we didn’t have to have my parents watch Muffin.  Or leave the house.  I couldn’t have dealt with leaving the house after the Texas excursion yesterday.

And…I liked it.  I know; I broke date night rules by watching a movie that I hadn’t watched before (and that Josh hadn’t watched in so long that he couldn’t remember what all happened and who lived and died).  But fairly early in the action of the movie when Jason Bourne is driving in the car with the woman he rides around with (Maria?), the characters are each in profile.  To which Josh says, “His nose is huge!”  Then, I know that her nose was large, too.  And that was it.  For the rest of the movie I looked at huge noses.  I honestly think it had something to do with the camera angles (and profile shots), but that will be what I remember from the movie.  The huge noses.

I will let you contemplate that truly disturbing thought.  My apologies to the cast of The Bourne Identity whom I’m sure don’t really have huge noses in real life.

We had a mini unplanned date night this morning when we made the pancakes and the bacon and ate said pancakes and bacon because Muffin slept in and didn’t wake up until breakfast was over.  (So technically this makes two dates this week!)

I am definitely looking forward to next week’s date night with the cheese tray and game night (the part Josh doesn’t know about yet…shhhh.)

How did your date nights go this week?


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