Cent Saving Saturday: The Library…Muffin’s New Favorite Hangout! and the Week’s Grocery deals

Cent Saving SaturdayMuffin has discovered a new favorite place:  the library!  Last Saturday, we went to our closest branch to pick up some books (for him and me) and movies (for him).  He loves going there because his voice can project really well!!!  (I think the librarians now wince as we enter the building.)  I’ve discovered a new drinking game–audio record our library excursion.  For each time I say, “shhhh,” take a shot.  For each time I use the phrase, “indoor voices,” take two shots.  The only problem is:  with a fresh new bottle of whatever, people would run out halfway through the recording of today’s visit.

It’s always fun to go to this branch of the library because I seem to run into people I know, this time our middle school’s counselor.  She liked seeing Muffin interested in so many books, I could tell.

Really, though, the library is the frugal goldmine.  Free computer/internet usage.  Check.  Free books including some paperbacks that have been on my Kindle wishlist.  Check.  Access to free e-books (in Kindle format Yay!) and audiobooks.  Check.  Fun activities for Muffin.  Check.  Although last Saturday was a bit late in signing up for the Lego Block Party on February 22.  They have seating for 20 and Muffin was fortieth on the list (so twentieth down on the waiting list).  I hope that means they will schedule another one.

When I was little (and until I got too old for it), I attended the library’s summer reading program every year.  Made my reading goal every year.  And I plan for Muffin to do the same.

Granted, this is not the main branch of the library.  We had planned on going to that one, the central branch, a few weeks ago, but I had forgotten that it was going to be closed for MLK day.  That one has BLOCKS, as I explained to Muffin, and that is also the one with the separated off children’s area.  I think I like the arrangement of the children’s books better in our branch, however.  And ours has more movies, another plus for frugal mamas and dads everywhere!

I’m so glad that Muffin has decided that he loves the library!

(It doesn’t hurt that we went to our Brookshire’s that he loves before the library because they have his “customer in training” carts)

Here are the week’s local grocery deals:


Organic Gala Apples 99 cents a pound (same price as non-organic—inorganic?)

Kroger Orange Juice, gallon $3.49

Springdale milk, gallon $3.49

Kroger sour cream, 16 oz. $1.25

Kroger cheese, 6-8 oz. $1.99


Red seedless grapes $1.69/lb. (Friday-Sunday)

Albertson’s large eggs, dozen $1.49 (Friday-Sunday)

Ragu 99 cents wyb 6

Vine ripe tomatoes, 79 cents/lb.

Jif peanut butter, $1.99 wyb 6


BOGpenny Bar-S meat franks

Super 1 Foods

fresh cucumbers 58 cents each

extra large bell peppers 58 cents each

celery stalk 78 cents each

green onions 78 cents each

Suave anti-perspirant deodorant, 1.4 oz 98 cents

Where is your favorite frugal spot?  Let me know when you write (type) it below!


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