Funny Muffin Friday: I’m a Cowboy, Yee Haaa! Yee Haaa, Cowboy!

Funny Muffin FridayLast Saturday, Muffin was getting ready for the fire in the backyard.  He decided to wear his red Lightning McQueen rain boots and ran around saying, “I’m a Cowboy, Yee Haaa!  Yee Haaa, Cowboy!”  When I reminded him that those boots don’t exactly fit any longer, he said that he had to wear them so that he could be a “Cowboy, Yee Haaa!”  (He’s a bit obsessed with the Toy Story franchise in general and Woody and Buzz in particular.)

(Yes, that’s what he’s saying in this entry.)

Have your little ones done anything funny lately?  Drop me a line below and share!  🙂


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