A New Restaurant to Try Out Tomorrow for Pizza Night!

I admit it.  You give me a new restaurant and part of me desperately wants to try it.  Last week, we had attempted to go to Rotolo’s, the new restaurant that replaced another pizza restaurant nearby.  Well, even though the billboards advertised it, last Friday it was still coming soon.  It is now open, and I planned to try to go there for pizza night on Friday.

When I went to the website to get some idea of the menu, I signed up for their frequent customer program that advertises free pizza on your birthday and anniversary and a $5 off coupon when you sign up.  Well, I have now printed the coupon from the sign up and plan on using it tomorrow.  I will let you know how it goes on Summary Sunday.

Lesson for the day:  Investigate websites of new restaurants for mention of frequent customer programs.  Also investigate places you go to for birthday and frequent customer incentives.  My ever-so-savvy sister (seriously, all of my best ideas come from her!) signs up for the birthday freebies and rocks her birthday!  It’s your day; you should make it special.


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