Thoughtful Thursday: The Pinteresting Blogosphere

Thoughtful Thursday

Yes.  I Pinterest.  It’s a noun.  A verb.  An adjective if you make it a present participle or if you leave it by itself (i.e. I have a Pinterest addiction).  An epithet (if you are Josh).  An interjection (kind of in the same voice Lucy says “Lipstick Taser” in Despicable Me 2).  I’m sure if my brain weren’t fried and my eyes weren’t still smoky (see, there I go sounding like a stoner again), I could make it an adverb, a pronoun, and a conjunction.  The English teacher in me appreciates the versatility of Pinterest in the English language (and over various parts of speech).

At 4:00 in the morning as I was perusing Pinterest trying to fall asleep again, I came up with this great idea (and it’s probably been done before, so I apologize for unintentional copyright infringement and will try to do a complete Internet search in the morning when I feel less like a smoked boar):  What does your Pinterest account (or what do your Pinterest boards) say about you?

First, I think it’s important to note the boards I don’t have.  I don’t have a Places I’d Like to Go board.  I don’t have fashion boards.  I don’t have droolworthy guys or girls boards.  I don’t have boards dedicated to a certain color (orange oranges, orange nail polish, orange sunsets, orange food all inside a handy dandy orange board).  I don’t have an exercise board at all.  I don’t have boards dedicated to architecture.  I don’t have a wedding board (although I do have wedding pins).

Commentary:  While I don’t have a Places to Go board, I do have one called “Travel Fun,” dedicated to the traveling part of the trip (namely how to keep Muffin occupied and Josh and me sane–the ideas in that board really earned their weight in gold during the seven hour Chicago Union Station layover last June) rather than the destination.  (Although I think I might have destination pins on the Travel Fun board)  I guess to me, the traveling is more important than the destination (unless I’m going to my favorite hotel in Dallas–in that case it is all about the destination).  I am most certainly not a fashion plate.  I wear clothes that are comfortable and that fairly match.  I tend not to notice people’s appearances (really–after reading a story about the Mommy Wars from a lovely blog I found, someone complained about the lack of diversity in the participants, and I really have to admit I didn’t notice–I just noticed the signs).  So, droolworthy pics tend not to be very special to me.  I do love color a lot–I used to write down every color that was listed in clothing catalogs because I just liked the names of some of them (cranberry, blue jade, oatmeal heather) when I was younger.  But boards dedicated to color would simply remind me of the Barbie aisle in Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys R Us–wayyyyyy too much pink.  And I like pink.  The lack of an exercise board should be obvious.  If it isn’t the Wii or walking, I’m really not into it.  Exercise (especially yoga) requires wayyyyyy more balance and coordination than my body possesses.  I’m trying to limit phone calls to 911, not make more.  I’ve been known to fall down standing still.  I do love architecture, but I tend to focus on landscaping and the outdoors (Outdoor Oasis) or inside of places (Home Sweet Home).  I don’t have a wedding board because I’m already married, but there are weddingy pins scattered about the various boards, both for the multipurpose end of things and because I have or had family members or followers who were planning weddings or will be planning weddings at some point so therefore pinned for them.

Boards I do have:  way too many public boards.  I’m really starting to not like the public boards because they get hijacked.  Plus, I have already pinned over 16,000 items (yes, I checked the other day with a bit of shame), and some of the items people pin to those boards just don’t interest me.  Pintastic is the worst because people tend to pin fashion (which bores me, seriously) and models (see above) or diet ideas or spam.  I’m about to delete my access to the public boards I’m a part of for that reason.  I am a Pinteresting control freak, people.  Let me pin to my own boards.

(quietly stepping down from soapbox)

My boards tend to be in the following categories:  food (Cookies and Other Sweets, Neat Recipe Ideas, Kid Kool Kibble, Pizza Dough Recipes for Josh, Tea Time, Upcoming Holiday Potluck Ideas, Main Dish Mania, Delish Drinks, Be Appy, and Peteats–pronounced “Petites”), crafty (Crafts/Gifts to Try, Party Ideas, Color Sheets, Printables and Fonts, Quilting and Fabric Crafts, Paper Crafts and Gift Wraps, Do Some DIY, Christmas 2013, and Thomas and Friends Party 2014), stuff for family (Pins for Family, Date Night ‘Deas, Muffin Learning & Fun & Well-Being, Travel Fun, and Quiet Books), home related (Home Sweet Home and Outdoor Oasis), work-related (Classroom Ideas, Classroom 2, and Classroom 3), and the absurd/mine/miscellaneous (Loves of Mine, Book Series I Like, Food for Thought, and Basset Blitz).

Commentary:  Um, since the main focus of this blog was originally going to be food, that should be obvious.  Unlike some people, I believe food is important in most aspects of life (except possibly the bathroom ew!) and not just as fuel.  I have a great appreciation for the teachings of Remy in Ratatouille.  I dream in recipes.  I read culinary mysteries.  As a Southerner, I believe in food for celebration and for mourning.  I’m obsessed with Central Market (the HEB Mecca for Foodies) and obsessed with getting to visit Fresh (the Brookshires Mecca for Freshies).  I believe in meal planning so that I can anticipate meals to come.  And, I’m raising my son the same way.  By the way, the Peteats board was to serve as inspiration for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party that my sister (shout out!) hosted last July.  It was awesome!  The pins in my food boards are literally my eye candy.

Crafty:  I love gathering ideas for crafts.  Some I plan to do, some I put aside for the future, some I gather for others.  Christmas 2012 saw lots of Pinterest gifts in the family (from me, my sister, and my sister-in-law).  My sister and I both gave people the Dawn Hand Renewal sugar scrub and cracked up when we opened it from the other person!  I am font-obsessed.  It’s probably a good thing that I haven’t added the upgrade for fonts on this blog.  It would be a font-explosion!  Once I can figure out how to thread my sewing machine, I plan to do a lot of the pins in quilting and fabric crafts.  My mom and I are already getting in gear to make package decorations for next year, and I love the printable tags I’ve pinned in Paper Crafts and Gift Wraps and Printables and Fonts.

Family:  Many of my pins are for Muffin or Josh.  It should be interesting to note the evolution of the Muffin Fun & Learning & Well-Being board.  I originally called it Muffin Fun.  Then, I added the “& Learning” when I realized that I had added a whole bunch of early childhood education pins.  Then, I noticed I was pinning children’s health pins to the board, and now you have “Muffin Fun & Learning & Well-Being.”  Pins for Family are pins that are for my parents, my in-laws, my sister, or my nephews.

Home:  Home Sweet Home was the interior decorating board.  I now have many holiday decorating ideas on it.  Outdoor Oasis was originally intended for gardening, but I now have outdoor landscaping and furniture ideas on it, as well.  And since, after last night’s date night, I finally figured out what I want for Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day (a new fire pit from stones or pavers made by Josh and Rene since our brick one is starting to crumble from within the bricks) I will be showing Josh lots of pins of the fireplaces that I have pinned.  In a related idea, he has decided that his should be outdoor furniture (especially a love seat or bench).  I think I’m going to get him some in metal–and hopefully at least partially fireproof, just in case.

Work:  All classroom stuff, all the time.  As the boards get too unwieldy, I open another.  You will probably see a Classroom 4 under construction soon.

Absurd/mine/miscellaneous:  I’ll start with the easiest.  I love basset hounds, and that board is my homage to Yogi, the best basset who ever lived!  Book Series I Like is also a no-brainer; most of the series tend to be cozy mysteries.  Food for Thought is my board for pins that don’t really fit anywhere else but are pin-worthy (like the Crisco candle from the survival sites).  Loves of Mine are just that–things I love, like Dallas (the city) and Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Ultimately, Pinterest feeds the me that needs to categorize.  Categorization makes me happy.  Pinterest makes me happy.  So, if you follow me and see a Pinsplosion, it’s probably because I couldn’t fall asleep early one morning.  Please excuse me while I pin.

What do YOUR  Pinterest pins and boards say about you?  Let me know in the space below!


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