We Plan Wednesday: Valentine’s Day and Val Day Date Night

We Plan WednesdayMuffin is VERY excited about Valentine’s Day.  I think it’s because he halfway still expects for Christmas to come up soon, and he loved every aspect of Christmas (Yes, we still have our Christmas tree up; don’t judge.  My goal is March, but I have a feeling that since Josh is off tomorrow and I’m at work that the tree will be taken down in my absence.).  So, we kept telling him throughout January that Valentine’s Day was coming up.

I have already purchased him a Thomas book for Valentine’s Day as well as some candy.  I still need to find my sweet Muffin a card.

Josh’s Valentine’s Day is going to be a blended Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day (just as mine will be a blended Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day).   Of course, we are still going to give each other cards, and I have some small things planned, but the big gifts will be given out at an undisclosed time somewhere between the two events for each of us.  I did say that I wanted to go to Horseshoe for brunch on Saturday (the day when we will be doing most of our celebrating).

For Josh and me, the big deal about Valentine’s Day this year is Valentine’s Day date night (Saturday the 15th).  I am planning a cheese and wine/beer tasting with the cheese board and different kinds of cheeses and accompaniments (yummy meats, crackers, toasts, olives, dried fruit, and nuts).  We are having heart shaped pizzas for the main event itself, but Saturday is all about date night.  I will rig Muffin up a scaled-down version that resembles a ploughman’s Muffin’s lunchable (a kind of deluxe homemade lunchable using some of the food cutters that I got for Christmas from Mom) and send him on his way to bed.  I figure we will watch a movie while we much and sip our way through the rest of the evening (Josh and me).  My goal is something light and frothy (maybe The Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel).  Nothing new, nothing too heavy.

I would like to have four different cheeses (and different types/varieties) with four different sippers (wine or beer), pears, grapes, dried cranberries, crackers and those little cocktail mini toasts, and some nuts.  I also purchased a honey BBQ turkey breast lunch meat that I want to add to the plate.  As well as olives.

My goal is to go to Fresh by Brookshire’s in Tyler to pick out some neat cheese choices.  Barring that, I’m going to have to make do with a local grocery store.  I would really prefer a cheese counter with fairly exotic cheeses where I can get little sample bits of each (in case we hate the cheese) rather than the prepackaged options at most grocery stores for the “exotic” cheeses.

I will leave you with this adorable vintage Valentine.  I love the Google image search results with usage rights!

What are you planning for your “smoothie” Valentine?  Any special date night plans?  Let me know as you comment below!


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