Tip Tuesday: A Source for Date Night Ideas (and a List of Possible Date Night Ideas)

Tip TuesdayJosh and I have now (somewhat successfully) completed five dates.  So far, the New Year’s resolution is working.  Taking conscious effort to carve time for each other out of our busy weeks on Saturdays has made both of us more aware of each other and our relationship.  Somewhere along the way (in between work, Muffin, and bills), we started to lose sight of “us.”  Even if we suffer some mild aches and pains and minor property damage 🙂 , this has helped us to remember that we are an “us.”  I think, rather than detract from my job as Muffin’s mama, Saturday night date night has made me a better–calmer, more focused, and move loving–mama to Muffin.

So, the tip for today is have a date night.  They do not have to break the bank or even cause you to leave your property.  Leaving the house is not an option for our date nights, and I would feel guilty spending a lot of money on a date when I could be spending the money on Muffin (or something we all need or could enjoy).  A lot of date nights actually start out with Muffin present and continue after he falls asleep.

Here is a run-down of the date’s we’ve had (so far):

Date 1:  Comedy Night/Nostalgia Date (YouTube) and smartphone games

Date 2:  Spa Relaxation Date

Date 3:  Fire in Fire Pit (fail) and Movie Date

Date 4:  Planning the Garden Date

Date 5:  Fire Pit and Hot Dog Roast

Remember to always include snacks or other food items at your date night!


p>Here is a list of other possible date ideas (some of them we are actively planning):

  1.  Medieval Night (watching Robin Hood and eating a medieval-style dinner maybe a la Medieval Times)  This will probably be a summer or spring break date because of the amount of planning and preparation involved.

  2.  Cheese Tasting and Chocolate Tasting:  This is planned for Valentine’s Day Saturday–See We Plan Wednesday tomorrow for more information.

  3.  Puzzle and snacks

  4.  board game night

  5.  Wii game night

  6.  movie nights (possibly with a theme):  I know a lot of sites eschew this idea, but I think if it’s a movie you’ve both seen, you can discuss it throughout the movie.

  7.  cloud/star watching (depending on if it is Muffin naptime or after Muffin goes to bed in the evening)

  8.  Bistro in the Backyard:  snacks or dinner on the back porch

  9.  making a snack for the week and eating some of it during another date activity

  10.  planning something fun/vacation (The garden date counts as this) (planning dream trips and watching them go live on Google Earth)

  11.  cleaning, decorating, organizing something in the house we plan to get to “eventually”

  12.  catch up on TV shows or movies on Netflix and pretend to be critics (or share one’s favorite show with the other)

  13.  photo booth fun

  14.  watching a football game (or, for other people, another sporting event)

  15.  create a faux drive in in the backyard using the laptop on a table (and snuggling on a blanket or outdoor furniture–once we get new outdoor furniture)

  16.  picnic or camping in the living room

  17.  create a Halloween costume (I want us to dress up as a family for Halloween)

  18.  a talk-and-listen session

  19.  research fun things to do together in cities we visit

  20.  blind-fold taste testing

  21.  play in the rain (or sprinkler)

  22.  bowling with 2 liter pop bottles and a ball (I’ve gathered the 10 bottles necessary; I’m only waiting for the best time to do this date)

  23.  cartoons with cookies and milk in jammies (ones that we choose, not ones Rene chooses)

  24.  arty stuff/painting a portrait of our partner

  25.  eating like a kid

  26.  Monte Carlo night (casino style games)

  27.  Speakeasy night

  28.  frisbee or other outdoor sports

  29.  Mad Libs

  30.  fireworks (watching, planning, or doing our own)

  31.  learn how to do something new on YouTube

  32.  water balloon fight

  33.  washing the car (or van)

  34.  creating a scavenger hunt for Muffin

  35.  making s’mores

  36.  trivia

  37.  candlelight shadow puppets

  38.  mini staycation (Brent and Lacey style from Corner Gas.  Little known fact:  this Canadian sitcom actually coined the phrase staycation, and the term has become misused.  If you get a chance to see the episode “Mail Fraud,” watch it to see Brent’s staycation.  It’s hilarious!)

  39.  karaoke at home

  40.  watch the sunrise/sunset

  41.  build a carnival game for Muffin and play it (or play Carnival Games on the Wii)

  42.  play psychic with each other and tell each other’s fortunes

  43.  mini date with everything mini (food and activities)

  44.  play broom hockey (like hockey but with a broom and a ball)

  45.  make a movie together with props and a plot (this may take several dates)

  46.  make clay and make something creative with the clay

  47.  make homemade ice cream together

  48.  build a fort in the living room and watch TV episodes or a movie together (and leave it up for Muffin to play with the next day)

  49.  fondue party while watching “Brent and His Shadow”  (again Corner Gas)

  50.  make a fancy dinner in the kitchen

  51.  pick a culture and imitate it with food, clothes, activities, and music

  52.  build and decorate paper airplanes–have a contest to see which one can fly the farthest

  53.  play hide-and-seek

  54.  candlelight chocolate-making evening (have Josh help me make truffles!)

  55.  hunt for four leaf clovers in the backyard while eating Lucky Charms bars or Lucky Charms trail mix (that we make right before)

  56.  play I Spy

  57.  make a pizza together and eat it by candlelight with a nice glass of wine or beer

  58.  make duct tape artwork or crafts

  59.  make a date jar with some of these ideas and pull one out for the weekend ahead (I would make weather and season neutral dates for the jar)

  60.  stream of consciousness/spur of the moment/flip a coin date

  61.  find a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book (or 2) and take turns reading passages and deciding what choice to make

  62.  gift-wrapping in front of a movie with hot chocolate and snacks (afterward snuggling on the couch)

  63.  host a dominoes tourney over several date nights–keep a running tally for the month

  64.  start Christmas lists for the family early

  65.  read the Harry Potter books together

  66.  play hopscotch or play with sidewalk chalk

  67.  make a design/pattern with food or cereal

  68.  get letter food/games or word poetry kits (or create a word poetry kit) and see who can come up with different combinations

  69.  make a soda shoppe with the Soda Stream and see who can come up with the most delicious combination

  70.  book club (I will finally read Hunger Games)

  71.  play “What If?” or “Would You Rather?”

  72.  dates beginning with different letters of the alphabet (or ones that spell out our names)

  73.  Holding a taste testing of certain categories of foods (candy, ice cream, cookies)

  74.  making a coffee shop in the living room or kitchen (especially now that Josh received the iced coffee machine)

  75.  golf course themed date using Solo cups to make the holes

  76.  hotel-themed date

  77.  decorate your own cupcake date (like we had at the Westin Galleria Dallas)

  78.  Corner Gas-themed date night: watching our fave eps of Corner Gas—playing trivial pursuit (or answering CG trivia questions—we each write twenty), eating chili cheese dogs with dill pickle chips and Nanaimo-style Saskatchewan bars (drinking coffee drinks with the Nanaimo for dessert)–dress in green-and-white for the ‘Riders, Ruby-sized root beer

  79.  make caramel apples

  80.  find the movie Date Night and critique it

  81.  dollar store/dollar spot date night:  each person has $5 before taxes to spend on items in the dollar spot or dollar store.  After the items are chosen, plan a date around them.

  82.  Big Bang Theory Date: play Josh’s trivia game, make tangerine chicken (and have fortune cookies), watch eps of Big Bang Theory

  83.  Let’s Make Whoopie Date: watch a whoopi goldberg movie, make (and eat) whoopie pies

  84.  make milkshakes (and milkshake mustaches)

There are several sites that stress the importance of date night.  One that many people (including myself) recommend is the Dating Divas.

Now, get out there and plan your first (or next) date night!  If you’ve had one (or had an idea for one) that I’ve left out, please let me know about it below.


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