Summary Sunday: What Happened This Week

Summary SundayWelcome to Summary Sunday, where I wrap up what happens during the week (that get lost in the shuffle of the planned blog posts).

Monday:  Back to work we go!  I heated up the chicken enchiladas, and then spent quite a bit of dinner time arguing with Muffin about the green chilies in the chicken mixture.  He really does not like peppers.  It’s very frustrating when he doesn’t eat pepper, but he likes things like broccoli and kale chips.

Tuesday:  Muffin has been a really good boy at Granny and Granddaddy’s house.  He really liked the pizza sub sandwich, so that is a new Muffin approved meal.  I think I will save it for Fridays, though, from now on.  It’s more pizza-y than anything else.  Josh made plans to use some of the other rolls for subs for the week rather than buying lunch.

Wednesday:  We ended up making hot dogs, after all, due to very few leftovers being left (lunches for me and we ate more of the enchis than I had planned).  Muffin was very happy with the hot dogs.  Day 3 of no-nap Muffin, though.

Thursday:  Muffin LOVED the frito pie!  He even raved about it on Friday to Granny and Granddaddy.  He wasn’t such a good boy Thursday, though, at Granny and Granddaddy’s.  Mom said he didn’t mind (which is a major ongoing problem).

Friday:  Friday was a really tough day at work.  I had to sit down for almost an hour and a half after bus ramp duty for my blood pressure to drop (and I don’t suffer from high blood pressure).  The meal plan went out the window.  We went to Izzo’s and got burritos.  In a growing trend, this restaurant visit was disappointing.  When we had visited Izzo’s before, we had raved over the taste the roasted corn topping added to the burritos.  They were out of roasted corn that night.  When I asked Muffin (who had been an angel that day at Mom’s and Daddy’s…and had taken a two-hour nap–the only one this week) if he wanted a taco or a burrito, he said “I just want chips.  And salsa.”  He ate some of the burrito and chips and salsa (He confiscated the salsa, in fact.) and walked around on the banquette seating.  He likes places like Izzo’s because he gets to go help Dad fill drinks.  He stayed up late Friday but willingly took a bath and brushed his teeth.  He’s getting better about brushing his teeth.

Saturday:  Saturday morning started like all weekend mornings:  a contest between Josh and me of who could ask the other what he/she wanted for breakfast first.  We realized that the breakfast cupboards were looking kinda bare (since it was Saturday and shopping day), so we let ourselves be talked into going to Strawn’s en route to shopping.  Muffin was not a perfect angel at Strawn’s.  We had ordered him a Mickey Pancake and bacon.  A piece of pancake dropped on the floor, and he was inconsolable because he wanted THAT PIECE OF PANCAKE.  I was starting to get the horrible mommy stare from the other diners, including someone at the next booth that I think I attended elementary school, middle school, high school, and college with.  I didn’t acknowledge him (too embarrassed over Muffin’s behavior), and he didn’t acknowledge me (probably a good idea because I was practicing my Muffin-directed-mommy-stare, the equivalent of what my dad calls my mom’s “teacher voice.” I don’t have the voice, but I pretty much have “teacher and mommy stare” down pat).  I had to give Muffin my phone so that he could watch Elf.  We had accidentally left the iPOD at home.  Yes, we are those parents.  The ones who let their child play with their iPOD at restaurant tables.  I avoided ordering pie, although this morning they already had several pies ready.  I wouldn’t have been able to decide between strawberry, chocolate, or coconut, anyway.  After Strawn’s, we went to Albertson’s and Brookshire’s for the deals outlined in Cent Saving Saturday.  We chose not to do Kroger and Super 1 because our local Kroger does not have Muffin-friendly carts and we were only going to get two items and because Super 1 is so out of the way for us.  I ended up finding a ham at Brookshire’s, anyway, so I was happy.  Then, we went to library.  Muffin really likes the library.  He picked up Wall-E and four books.  He has watched Wall-E three times in the last 18 hours.   After we got back home and put the groceries away, Josh and Muffin cleaned the car and Josh’s work van while I worked on blog posts and research.  Then, it was time to get ready for dinner and date night.  Muffin put on his red Lightning McQueen boots and pretended to be a cowboy.  Muffin abandoned us after the fire got too smoky for the second viewing of Wall-E.  When I came in from the fire, he was almost asleep.

Josh snapped a shot of me roasting a hot dog at the fire pit during date night.

Muffin being a “yee haaa cowboy”

Daisy got in on the fun!

Josh had to employ lighter fluid to get the fire to start.

The fire pit.

Daisy inciting the dog behind us. The dark grass is part of what burned.

The smoky fire made us very uncomfy.


p>And today is Sunday.  We have a very busy day planned, so I better post this post and get going.  You will hear about today in the next summary.

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