Date Night Log: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes…

Date Night Log

Date Night Log

Date #5:  Backyard Fire Take Two 2/1/14

There are several ways that I could have titled this date.  A fire but no calls to 911.  The dueling fire pits.  My fire’s bigger than yours.  Josh’s first date night plan.  We didn’t get rained out!

For those who are loyal followers of the Meal Plan Monday posts (as I’ve had exactly one so far), you might remember that tonight was to be an Italian dish with leftovers for this next week.  Um.  Well.  Josh wanted to do a fire in the backyard with a hot dog roast.  For those who have been following the date night posts, I will pause while you bang your head against the nearest hard surface questioning, “Does she never learn?”

And for those who are local and have looked at the weather report, yes it was cloudy all day.  Yes, it was supposed to rain…I think.

I agreed.

While visions of date night a few weeks ago danced scarily in my mind.  Josh promised to wet around the perimeter of the pit, fill up jugs of water, and correctly attach the hose.  See, we really do learn from past mistakes.

After a very hefty breakfast, Josh and I decided to put off lunch and give Muffin a snacky meal.  So, Josh got hungry by four.  Keep in mind that we tempted weather fate further by the boys cleaning out both the car and Josh’s work van and washing both as well.

So, Josh laid the fire.  And it smoked.  And I learned a new lesson:  invest in swim goggles.  My eyes resembled me after the last funeral I attended or those eyes of a stoner.  I have never “par-token,” by the way.  It took quite some time for the fire to light effectively.  Yay for the new phone book; it served its unintended purpose.  We burned half of it, a page at a time, trying to get the logs to light.  Ditto for some dryer lint (which really isn’t as flammable as Pinterest advertised).  And wood chips.  And dried grass because we learned exactly how flammable that was a few weeks ago. 😉  I even went and took a bath in the meantime (highly important for date night).

Eventually the logs had enough “coals” on them to cook a hot dog.  (P.S. Josh found a new use for compressed air.  He used it to fan the logs into flames.)  After two hot dogs each, we (finally) had flames.  I’m surprised that the logs were still wet from a few weeks ago from putting the inferno out.  I guess Josh was really very thorough.

Meanwhile, our neighbors in back of us had a fire.  I’m really concerned because it seemed to be huge…and on the ground, not in an enclosed structure at all.  And very VERY close to the fence.  It was very cool because, for a while, one of the neighbors strummed softly on the guitar, so it was like being at a campsite or being serenaded.

Eventually, I got cold and got up to get a blanket for Josh and me to snuggle under.  Muffin had long since abandoned us for a library copy of the movie Wall-E.  (He said it was because of the smoke, though.)  By the time we came inside, Muffin was nearly asleep, so we sent him off to bed with milk, a clementine, his blue blanket, and Wall-E.

I remember from Project 52 that you shouldn’t do the same dates twice in a month.  Well, we are now in February, a new month, and anyway, Josh was really proud of arranging tonight’s date.  My only upset:  it was too cloudy to look at the stars (although the guitar strumming may have made up for it).

I will be posting pictures of the date in the Sunday Summary, but I thought I would include this image of a general fire:

Happy dating, everyone!  (It’s okay to revisit a date that flopped.  Or was nearly catastrophic)  You know the saying:  if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again (and input 911 in the speed dial).


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