(Cent Saving Saturday) Leftovers: Why They Are Necessary but Not Evil and the Week’s Grocery Deals

Cent Saving Saturday


I’ll wait for the fur to stop flying.  People seem to have a very pointed point of view about leftovers.  Some people refuse to touch food past the initial offering.

Me?  I light candles at the altar of leftovers.  Not really.  But close enough.  Leftovers make my world (and my meal plan) go round.  Without leftovers and planned overs, I would be making seven main dishes on the weekend (well, plus lunch–Josh usually handles breakfast).  Leftovers allow me to max out at 4-5 tops.

I think I anticipate the Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers than the actual meal.  I dream about it on the special divided plates, how the leftovers will be arranged for the proper and best color combinations.  I’m a bit skewed that way, I know.

I mentioned having leftovers for dinner one day at work and received the following responses.  One said that her kids eat all the “initial offering” before there can be leftovers.  I hear her on that one; there are times when I’ve planned for something to be leftovers (cough cough enchiladas cough cough), and we seem to just be really hungry those evenings.

One coworker said that her husband flat won’t eat leftovers.  Thank goodness Josh recognizes the value of leftovers (and not just monetarily).  If I had a husband with that mindset, I would have to say, if you don’t like it, “there’s the kitchen.”

And right now, it’s easy.  Muffin (while he does eat a lot for a three year old) hasn’t grown into full boy eating status.  Some initial offerings can last two or three days’ worth of meals.  I inwardly cringe for the days when he starts to eat like a horse…or the weight of a horse.

A few of my coworkers place as much value in the joy of leftovers as I do.  One of my coworkers brings leftovers for lunch, without fail.  Either he or his wife cook every night, and he brings the bounty the next day.  And some meals I plan for lunchtime leftovers.  The fried catfish that Josh made the weekend before last is just one example.  I’m okay with eating reheated fried fish, but it is not something I think either my husband or Muffin would appreciate.  The chicken enchiladas were not originally intended for lunchtime leftovers, but they became them.

Casseroles and soups work well leftovered.  They tend to be in large enough portions so that you can make an extra family meal (or two from them).  Red beans and rice is another.  A pound of red beans makes a 7-quart slow cooker full.  When I make them (and I have created the meal plan for February, and they are on them), that’s often four or five days’ worth of meals (not counting lunchtime leftovers).

There was a reason that my mother used to mention that my favorite phrase as a toddler was, “Leftover it, Mommy.”  The love of leftovers is genetic in my family.

Now, there are several local deals that I plan to cash in on this week:


Kroger Large Eggs, 18 ct., $1.88

Cook’s Smoked Ham Portions, Bone In, $0.99/lb.


Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.28/lb. (sold in a 10 lb. bag with $20 purchase)

Red Gold Tomatoes, Canned, $0.39 each wyb 10 participating items

Red Gold Tomatoes with Green Chilies, Canned, $0.49 each wyb 10 participating items

Mrs. Baird’s Large Loaf Bread, $1.49 each wyb 10 participating items


French’s Mustard 2/$3 (plus, I have a coupon!)

Brookshire’s Bacon $3.99/lb. (Trust me–If you have a chance, this is the best bacon ever!)

Celery, Stalk $0.99

Super 1 Foods

Bar S Hot Dogs $0.79

Roma Tomatoes $0.68/lb.

Red Globe Grapes $1.99/lb.

I will also post what I need later today for the food for this week’s menu plan.  Have fun, and don’t forget to “Leftover It!”


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