Funny Muffin Friday: The Crayons (“Crowns”) Need to Breathe!

Funny Muffin Friday

To add a bit of levity to the emotion-charged post of yesterday, I decided to write about something funny that the Muffin Man said earlier this week.

We arrived home to find that Angel had again knocked over the crayons on the table so that many of them had fallen to the floor.  After I asked Muffin to pick up the crayons, he put them in his Halloween bucket because he said, “They can be safe in there.  And sound.  And the crowns (crayons) can breathe.”

The crayons in their new home!

Yes, you heard it here first from Muffin.  Crowns (Crayons) need to breathe!

My mind went to a nerdy place.  Do crayons need to breathe oxygen like animals or carbon dioxide like plants?  Or do they breathe nitrogen.  No, I haven’t been sniffing crayons; my mind simply went there!

I can’t resist a poll for this one!


What do you think?

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