We Plan Wednesday: Planning for Muffin’s Thomas Party! (Part 1)

We Plan Wednesday

Welcome to We Plan Wednesday where the LFam plans for parties, trips, and projects.

Today, I am going to write about my plans (so far) for Muffin’s fourth birthday party in April.  For the second year in a row, he has requested a Thomas and Friends party.

A sidebar about birthday parties:  I know it has become trendy to give over-the-top parties that rival Super Sweet Sixteen parties–for toddlers.  And, I admit, I was guilty of thinking “More is better” last time around.  But do you know what my son and nephews like best about birthday parties?  Blown up latex balloons covering a floor for them to run through, jump among, and bat around in the air.  Not pin the smoke stack on Thomas.  Not Thomas Bingo.  Not Thomas Memory.  Balloons.

So, item #1 is balloons.

Item #2 is the cake.  Cupcakes work best for a child’s party (a fact my sister has proven time and time again–she makes the best cupcakes!), and –I’m about to commit Party Mama heresy here–I don’t think boys especially really care how they are decorated.  They just want cake!  The recipe–the chocolate cupcakes we have now made two weeks in a row–with the same frosting.  Muffin will decorate them with the rainbow jimmies (in minimalist fashion–his most recent cupcake decorating was a few carefully placed jimmies placed decorously in the center of the top of each cake).  I will probably make Thomas cupcake picks to stick in them.

Item #3 is punch.  I have pinned (and for some reason attempted to repin time and time again) a Tiffany blue punch (almost exactly the same color as Thomas) made of blue Hawaiian Punch and lemonade.  I will probably serve them in red cups (Muffin loves James the engine, as well) with straws decorated with Thomas cutouts.

Last year, at Thomas-party-the-first, I put together a “train” led by the Thomas-shaped Easter basket, followed by disposable loaf pans that acted as train cars filled with edibles–pretzel rod “Jobe wood,” popcorn, marshmallow “puffs of steam,” and a few other items.  It was a hit!  The Thomas basket held the treat bags.  Snacks are item #4.

I had also had a “Pin the Smoke Stack on Thomas” game, but the boys had so much fun with the balloons that we didn’t play it.  I may pull it out this year.  This is a possible item #5.

Item #6 is the treat bags.  Color sheets with crayons are a must as well as some blue and red candy.  I will be looking at Party City, Oriental Trading, and the Pinteresting Blogosphere for some ideas–especially “Thomas-y” ones.

When next we visit, I will hopefully have planned the party some more.  For tomorrow, Thoughtful Thursday, I will be sharing my thoughts on a fairly painful subject.

Rene playing with balloons at last year's party!

Muffin playing with balloons at last year’s party!


The party table. My sister hosted Muffin’s party at her house which was totally awesome!


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