Tip Tuesday: Prepping the Week’s Meals on the Weekend (or Your Day Off)

Tip Tuesday

If you are like me, and you work outside the home, the weekend (or your days off) is really the only time you have to take a breather, reassess, and tackle that meal plan!  Several people have told me this is a waste of time or that it doesn’t fit into their schedule, but this seems to be the only way I can hold true to the meal plan.

As I said in the post from yesterday about meal planning, I tend to focus on leftovers and planned overs to appear several times throughout a week.  Let’s look at this week, for example:

Monday:  Chicken Enchiladas:  I did all preparation for these on the weekend, wrapped the casserole in foil, and placed it in the fridge to bake last night.  Prep time for dinner on cooking day–not counting the actual cooking time–as long as it takes to pull the casserole out of the oven, place it in the oven, pull it out, set the table, grab a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa, and pour the salsa into a bowl–roughly five minutes.

Getting ready to dig in to the enchiladas!

Getting ready to dig in to the enchiladas!

Tuesday:  Subs:  I sliced most vegetables except for the lettuce, tomato, and olives, so that will add a bit more prep time to dinner tonight.  Then, I have to put the meat, cheese, and sauce on the subs and bake them in the oven.  I have to gather all of the toppings.  Estimated prep time for dinner on cooking day:  15-20 minutes.

Wednesday Leftovers:  (I will probably take stuff out of the freezer tonight and place in the fridge to thaw for tomorrow):  For cooking day:  pull items out of fridge.  Put on plate.  Microwave.  Estimated cooking time:  10 minutes.

Thursday:  Frito pies:  After supper on Tuesday, I will chop up the remaining veggies for the haystacks (dice the half moons of onion that remain as well as the green pepper).  Lay out some chips.  Open and heat a can of chili in the microwave.  Top with toppings.  Cooking day time:   roughly 10 minutes.

Friday:  pizza Friday.  The only prep for this one is seasoning some tomato sauce with Italian seasonings.  Cooking day:  prep tomato sauce, slice sub rolls and bake them at 400 for a few minutes to get crispy while gathering the rest of the toppings, top with slather with sauce, top with cheese followed by pepperoni and any other toppings.  Bake at 400 for ten minutes until cheese melts and pepperoni gets slightly crispy.  Estimated time:  20 minutes.

This actually saves a LOT of time and frustration because the last thing I want to worry about after a long day of work is cooking a meal from scratch.

Join me tomorrow for We Plan Wednesday where I will begin the conscious planning for Muffin’s birthday party.


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