Date Night 02: The Date That Almost Wasn’t

Date Night Log

Date Night Log

Date Night 02:  1/12/14 (Relaxation/Spa Date)

 No, you are not imagining it.  Our date ended up occurring on Sunday rather than Saturday.  I had planned it for Saturday evening, a spa date so that it was not time sensitive as Josh was on-call and therefore it could happen at any time.

 A few problems occurred. Muffin woke us (me) up on Saturday at 4:30.  AAAAAAAAAAAAYYY EMMMM. Then, neither I nor he had a nap on Saturday.  Josh was a bit late, but only half an hour or so.  We had tacos, always a family favorite. We guided Muffin to bed with Daisy.  I had placed a note in Josh’s lunch that morning, something to the effect of “Rub a dub dub, it’s time for the tub.”  Josh decided to take a shower before the spa date.  All was working out perfectly.

 Until…we both fell asleep before the date.  Passed.  Out.  Cold.

 So, I redoubled my efforts for Sunday.  Muffin did sleep a bit later, and he did have a nap.  I, for some reason, did not have a nap, but I was bound and determined (with gritted teeth, if necessary) that I WOULD NOT fall asleep before the date occurred.  I made meatloaf (using Josh’s Oma’s recipe), orangey carrots (yes, orangey is a technical term), and Texas toast garlic bread.  I had leftover greens with mine from a while back.  Muffin at a whole slice of meatloaf and all of his carrots (and a “Minion” pudding).  When I married Josh, his mom provided me with several recipe cards.  On one was labeled “Josh’s Favorite Meatloaf (Oma’s recipe).”  Josh truly loves the meatloaf. I will probably post that recipe later this week.

 We managed to get Muffin to bed with Daisy (after a few false starts).  Then the rub-a-dub-dub session.  I would just like to say.  When we built the house, one of my (now-former) coworkers told me to splurge and get the tub with the jets.  The way I see it, I’m saving $150 dollars every time I use the jets because if I went to stay at a certain Holiday Inn Express by a graveyard down south (looooooooong story), the room with the jetted tub is $150 a night.

 Now, let me just say that Josh is a shower person and not a bath person.  I think I may have sold him on the tub during date night.  He had a chance to enjoy the jets without Muffin knocking on the door wanting him to fix track or turn on a Wii game or…. You get the idea.  We were able to have a nice long “adult” conversation that did not involve Thomas and Friends, Backyardigans, or Minion chocolate pudding.

 I, in turn, learned something new.  Changing perspective is fun.  Usually I sit at one end of the tub.  I moved my tush over to the faucet side of the tub where there are two jets, and that really feels a lot better on my back.

 After the tub time, we enjoyed a leisurely rest in bed.  All in all, after a week of returning to work (and a week of on-call work for Josh), this was just what both of us needed—if a bit delayed.

 Both of us are off Saturday, so Saturday’s date should not be delayed.  I am “playing” with a couple of ideas for Saturday night’s date.


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