What to Do with All of the Laundry Samples You Receive…

Josh is going to be going to Georgia twice (for two weeks each) in the next couple of months for job training for his new job. During those visits, he will have to do the laundry at least twice. I’ve been wondering what to do with a lot of our laundry samples (some of them are not HE-friendly which means they cannot be used in our washer), so I decided to make him a laundry kit with a Tide-to-go pen (not a sample, but necessary), Purex 3-in-1 sheets, detergent packets, and dryer sheets. I divided the 3-in-1’s into three strips. I added in a special note that he will find when he opens his laundry bag.

All of this went into a quart sized baggie labeled “Laundry Stuff”

What do you do with your leftover samples?

Cheers and Happy Sampling (I would say happy Laundry-ing, but that’s a chore I’m about to have to work on)!


What do you think?

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