Rene and the Hose VS. Daisy

Rene’s day began with him doing one of his favorite chores:  unloading and loading the dishwasher.  He meticulously unloads it, placing the utensils in the drawer they belong in.  After that, he sort of loads it (although sometimes he loves unloading the dishwasher so much that he tries to unload what his daddy loads).  His other jobs are to load the dishwasher with soap, close the dishwasher door, and press the start button.  In his two-year-old independence, he becomes very upset if you help him with it (or even worse, complete the job before he can).  I’m so proud of him for wanting to help out so much, but it makes me realize that my little baby is growing up.

Rene loading the dishwasher with his favorite green mug (from the Target Dollar Spot)

Daisy breakfasted on chicken gizzards.

Then Rene snapped off a few shots, including a great one of Daisy and me (I think I’m going to let him digitally capture Daisy from now on).

Ultimately, Daisy’s day did not get better.  Her America’s Next Top Model marathon was interrupted with us going to the library and Brookshire’s.  When we returned home and lunched on chili dogs (from some hot dogs that Josh had grilled and we had frozen), I dropped the chili spoon on her just behind her neck so that the chili that remained was there for her to smell, but out of her reach to eat.  So…Josh and I decided to let Rene go play outside with the hose with directions to spray Daisy.  (This was the fun highlight of Rene’s day.  I think he loved this even more than the pool, which was the original plan, or the local city park with water, which has been planned for the last two days–oh well, maybe tomorrow.)  Daisy loves water, especially “biting” it (as you will see in the pictures below), but I felt bad for her when Rene was done because she resembled more drowned rat than diva girl puppy.  Plus, she was again banished from watching her shows since she couldn’t go anywhere with carpet to mess up.

We went to Granny and Granddaddy’s to take them one of the $0.88 ground chicken pound packages we picked up today at Brookshire’s, and we all laughed because Rene’s answer to everything now is ” ‘up” for “yup.”  He is saying more and more words everyday.  Last night he repeated the words “nose,” “hand,” “hair,” and what sounded a lot like “love” to me.  Of course, when we are Skype-ing with Grandma (Josh’s mom in Ontario), he won’t say ANYTHING!  (although he did finally say ‘up a few times this morning).

In other news, Josh found out that his “two weeks of training” in Georgia for his new job will actually be two sets of two weeks.  He’s really really excited about it.  I’m so proud of him; he has waited for this opportunity for a very long time to actually be able to work in his field of study.  I’m glad he’s had these past couple of months to spend so much time with Rene before transitioning into what will be a full-time-with-lots-of-overtime job.

What funny things happened to you today? (Poor Daisy, but it really was funny!)

Cheers and Happy Laughter!

Happy Mama


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