My super-dee-dooper meat deal!

We had a few books to take back to the library today, so we stopped at Brookshire’s to buy some pop (I’m slowly weaning myself off of it) and orange juice concentrate so that Josh could make some orange julius.  Well, we didn’t get the concentrate because I got a bit…sidetracked.  Y’see Brookshire’s has fabulous clearance deals on meat, if you catch them on the right day.  Daisy is again very happy with me, Mama.  I bought her some chicken gizzards for $0.25 a pound.  Not too exciting, I know.  But…they were having to clear out 14 ounce packages of Jennie-O ground turkey breakfast sausage links for 88¢ (down from $4.29).  I bought 10 packages to cook quickly and healthily once Josh and I start back to work.  Two packages are for my sister.

Then…I saw the Italian sausage.  Jennie-O turkey again, 88¢ again ($4.77 originally), and I bought six packages (19.5 ounces each).  I’m bringing three to my sister.

And there was 88¢ ground chicken as well.  This would have cost $5 normally.  I bought four packages, one of which is for my mom.

My goal is always a fifty percent reduction in grocery receipts.  We saved, with other items we purchased, sixty-nine percent.

This changed our dinner plans.  We want to try out the breakfast links, so we will have breakfast for dinner, brinner.

What great grocery deals have you nabbed lately?  Please reply and share.  Cheers and happy saving!

P.S. Rene loves Brookshire’s because they have the kiddy shopping carts.  He loves driving his caart with groceries in it.

P.P.S.  Here is a shot of the car-ful of groceries from Brookshire’s.

One of 10 packages of Breakfast Sausage Links

The carload included the meats, the buy 2 cereals get a bacon (and muffin mix, half gallon of milk, and Pop Tarts) free, pop, and a cantaloupe.


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